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His motherboard was blown sky high. Post locked, not going anywhere. His mother came in with him a day later, bitching up a storm aswe explained everything.

She asked him 3 times if he had turned the chip and he denied it, then she tried to blame us for blowing upher sons computer. Please, no Toshiba Satellite 1900-101 Cirrus Sound self appointed guru's! Brian Jones Balif Nacs. She's fine with that since I told her it would be under warranty, however she refuses to give me her logon and password, claiming that i was going to "steal her unlimited access time" After explaining this to her and also explaining that she had given us her account info when we had built her machine Toshiba Satellite 1900-101 Cirrus Sound installed her postnet she then accused me of wanting her info to steal her credit card number Basically we ended up telling her to either a bring us the mqachine and info and we would make it work for her or b bring her machine and the original boxes for a full refund, with which she was more than welcome to use towards the purchase of a new Packard Bell.

She gave us the info and shes been happily surfing postnet ever Toshiba Satellite 1900-101 Cirrus Sound The woman then proceededto berate me and say I was in collusion with the local computer store and wanted her to spend all her moneyand didn't I know she was on a fixed income and the like. I have now learned that the worst thing to hear on the Toshiba Satellite 1900-101 Cirrus Sound is "I just got this computer from my kids can you help me" Anonymous USA - Aug 28 True story: I used to work with a woman who was less than bright. She had never used a computer with a GUI and a mouseand couldn't make the adjustment despite attending orientationclasses.

Financial Times , 1995, UK, English

One day I walked by her office and she called me in to help with a problem. She had the cursor in the middle of the monitor and the mouse was physically near the end of thedesk closest to her. She wanted to move the cursor down the screen but had run out of deskspace to roll the mouse!


In disgust, I said "You have to pick it up and move it! She had literally "picked up" themouse and was moving it! Jim Kratzok NY USA - Aug 6 Once when i was helping my freind, i told him that we were going to make a backup copy of a file we over the fone were fiddling with Toshiba Satellite 1900-101 Cirrus Sound said, "oh you mean to one of those little a drive thingys" and i said yeah a to a disk.

Cirrus Logic and Display and Video drivers

He said, "but i dont have any blank disks, but Toshiba Satellite 1900-101 Cirrus Sound got some of those little a drive thingies" i said "what do you mean," he said "one of those little square ones with a door" i said "yeah thats a disk" he said " no a disk is a CD you idiot". Later he called me back and said, "oh um i was wrong Then he asked if using it would damage his computer.

Toshiba Satellite 1900-101 Cirrus Sound Iexplained to him what it was, and Toshiba Satellite 1900-101 Cirrus Sound said "Boy, they think up somethingnew every day! Soon after that, however, he got pissed off because hecouldn't figure out why he couldn't get on the internet with hisspeakerphone software. He then decided to trade his computer in for atractor. I swear I am not making any of that up. USA - Jul 28 I would like to know who lets some of these lusers near a computer I have to support Internet Exploder, of all things, and more often than one would like to think possible get users who install the program and expect it to work right out of the box Even though they don't have an ISP or even know what a modem is!!!

Where do these lusers get their driver's license for the Information Superhighway? Brian Lutz blutz isomedia.


She is just all burned up becauseshe doesn't have the common sense to just use a different irc server. I tried to tell her that "there's nothing that we can do about it" - we don't care.

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I finally got so pissed off, I looked at starlink's domain, andgave the woman the admins' personal Toshiba Satellite 1900-101 Cirrus Sound number and she seemed happy. The next day, SHE calls back. She talked to the admin's wife apparently he was out of town. The woman gave Mrs. Admin explained that she didn't know anything about computersand really didn't care.

They had a nice little argument, from what I understand. Once again, she started giving me her tale of woe, Toshiba Satellite 1900-101 Cirrus Sound howshe can't get on the irc, and how we our isp should do somethingabout it. I advised her once again that we don't monitor, administer,contact, resolve arguments, etc with irc servers. She is averaging one call per day, and she tries to talk to a newperson everyday.

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This is the type Toshiba Satellite 1900-101 Cirrus Sound person that her only joy in life,is letting her mis-behaving rug rats run loose, her husband works his ass offto support them, while she sits there on the irc flirting withpeople she'll never meet, and if they saw what type of personshe really, would want nothing to do with her. Here is my favorite story to tell from when I was in the Navy.

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DP Shop, What's the Problem? I need you to come down here and look at my printer. Can you give me more information. What is the printer doing wrong? A broad range of audio controls are possible by using this sound driver, including: Software Synthesizer, Microphone volume, 3D enhancement. Toshiba Satellite Cirrus Sound DriverToshiba Satellite 1900-101 Cirrus Sound Satellite Intel LAN Driver

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