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Ergonomic design; no-slip covering; top-notch optical sensor; innovative "Office Switch" button; time-saving utilities built into driver package.

Not much to pick on here. This is the best mouse A4Tech has produced so far, hands-down. A4Tech takes the prize for its Office 8K mouse in terms of the company that has made the most dramatic improvements to a product in recent months. Last year I had a chance to review several of the company's mice. While the electronic guts of the devices were outstanding and company had come up with some interesting innovations in a market that has become largely commoditized, its products still lacked a slick, professional edge. Story continues below A4tech Optical Mouse8K That has all changed with A4Tech's latest mouse, the wireless and A4tech Optical Mouse8K Office 8K.

A4Tech has managed to get everything spot-on with this product, from the special features and software package to the overall finish of the mouse. The Office 8K really impressed me - it's a piece of hardware that can compete with the best A4tech Optical Mouse8K on the market and hold its own. The feel of a mouse is important, because it's one of the parts of the computer you come into contact with A4tech Optical Mouse8K most.

Unlike the company's previous mouse models which felt slippery and even a bit tacky at times, the Office 8K is comfortable and has a really solid, high-quality feel. The top of the Office 8K is glossy grey plastic, and the sides are done in a black plastic that has an almost suede-like touch. The mouse is ergonomically designed and nestles comfortably under the hand, with indented sides to match the way the average hand sits when relaxed. It only works with the right hand due to the design and the placement of some extra buttons, though, which I'll get to A4tech Optical Mouse8K a moment.

A4Tech has made huge improvements to the scroll wheel on the Office 8K.

A4 TECH Mouse Price in Bangladesh Star Tech

Many of the company's previous models had a low-resistance scroll wheel that still felt somewhat sluggish. The new wheel has a nice, crisp roll to it and the on-screen performance is excellent. There's also a nice little bumping action to give you tactile response as you scroll up and down. Just in front of the scroll wheel but tucked inside the main A4tech Optical Mouse8K and right mouse buttons where you won't hit them accidentally is a pair of tiny moon-shaped buttons. They let you scroll left and right in documents, photos and Web pages. It's a really handy innovation for people who do a lot of work on material that is wider than a standard monitor's display area, or who often worked when zoomed-in on a document or A4tech Optical Mouse8K.

Behind the scroll wheel is a button the company calls the Office Switch.


This calls up an octagonal panel under the mouse cursor wherever it happens to be on screen. The panel has eight buttons arranged around its outer edge, all of which are programmable.

In the Office 8K utility software, you can choose to set the panel buttons up with any function you like from a list of 24 different commands, ranging from copy, paste and delete, to A4tech Optical Mouse8K and playback controls for media files, to program launcher hot keys for Outlook, Word and Internet Explorer. A4tech Optical Mouse8K company has also added a pair of keys for the right thumb.


Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement The electronics are also top of the line. The optical sensor is one of the fastest and most accurate available, clocking in at counts per inch CPI. The optical mechanism works on pretty much any surface - from the desktop to your knee. The slick bottom surface of the mouse also allows it A4tech Optical Mouse8K move nicely over a mouse pad or even a bare desktop. Since the mouse is wireless, it has to have its own power source for A4tech Optical Mouse8K on-board transmitter.

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And as anyone who has a wireless mouse knows, these little critters have a bigger appetite for batteries than rodents have for cheese. It's also rechargeable, which will save you a ton of money on disposable batteries. There A4tech Optical Mouse8K various models of wireless mice out there with rechargeable batteries, but you have to put them to bed in a charging cradle when you're finished with them. If you forget to hang them up at the end of the day, you'll have no mouse the next morning until it's had time to soak up more juice - not a great way to start the work day.

And if you're in the middle of an intense gaming session and the batteries die, you're out of luck until you can recharge. A4 has taken a different approach. It ships the mouse with four of the NiMH batteries and a twin-cell charger built into the wireless receiver. If your batteries die, you swap them out for the A4tech Optical Mouse8K set and keep on going. Free Download A4tech Optical Mouse: 8K (Keyboard & Mouse). A4Tech Office 8K Wired Optical Mouse SWOP - mouse - PS/2, USB overview and full product specs on CNET.

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