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Here at Materialise it is also impossible to ignore the impact that the medical applications of AM are having on patients.

For example, by working in collaboration with Anaplastologists, we are using AM to help people with massive facial defects regain a better quality of life — helping them recover lost functionality speaking, chewing, etc and escape the stigma and loss of social interaction that can result from these defects. This is because AM aids in the creation of high quality reconstructions using silicone prosthesis and helps in the planning of facial reconstructive surgeries and transplants. The results are incredible. In the hands of some, these home 3D printers will be powerful tools and they will create great things. However, if they are abused, they will add to the environmental damage Allied Data a1_tech being done with meaningless mass production by adding even more useless objects to the pile of waste our society already produces.

That being said, I think there is a potential for kitchens to start including food 3D printers. We consume food on a daily basis, so if we use the printer even once a week we can not only bring a little variety and fun into our meals but it will also be worth owning such a machine. And by Beyond 3D printing, what technologies excite you the most at the moment?


These are the technologies that are related to the virtual simulations of products. For example, by performing functional analysis using cuttingedge software, products can already be improved before they are produced. This technology is also allowing surgeons to perform virtual surgeries and in doing so, helping them plan the ideal approach for complex operations. By using this technology, it becomes possible for objects to be printed that are optimised, finalised, and more sustainable as Allied Data a1_tech result. By democratising creativity we intend to remove all of the expert friction that exists between millions Allied Data a1_tech people and this amazing technology.


We have made a lot of investment in Cubify, which is mainly an online content and delivery marketplace of customised and individualised goods, and we recently acquired FreshFiber, which sells 3D printed cell phone covers in Apple stores, online and elsewhere. The same thing can happen here. I firmly believe that everybody is creative and every one of us is innovative, but most people are intimidated by the complexity of the process. It will become the canvas upon which to create and Allied Data a1_tech, to turn virtual into actual and to unleash every persons creativity.

It is ingrained in the human condition and 3D printing allows you to express this individuality Allied Data a1_tech tangible and meaningful ways. How many personal computers, tablet computers and smartphones do you now have, and how many did you think you would have had 10 or even 5 years ago? This applies to a great deal of the work we Allied Data a1_tech in healthcare applications but especially in our bespoke prosthetics. Specifically the work we have been involved in with younger men and women who are amputees, allowing them to reclaim their body symmetry in a way that is also personalised.


This to me is amazing as it not just about enhancing quality of life in the physical sense but also in the emotional and spiritual sense — it is much more satisfying than putting a part in an F18 fighter jet or on your smart phone. Another big part of my vision for democratising content creativity is the removal of CAD Allied Data a1_tech and scanning complexity, allowing people to either create or capture and modify without ever having to know a stitch of CAD. Beyond our core competencies and vertical market 3D printing solutions the big opportunity that excites me is how to enable anyone to start to create and make with colouring book simplicity. Therefore, bringing colouring book simplicity to 3D content creation could be bigger than everything else we do today and will accelerate the broad adoption of 3D printing, taking the virtual to the physical.

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They will become the most popular class of 3D printers in homes. Two reasons: An exception is that children will have low-cost, safe, and easy to use Will buying 3D printed goods be commonplace in 5 years time? Shapeways, i. In the future, we can expect to see many more. It will grow to the point where large, established companies, such as Amazon, will sell 3D printed Allied Data a1_tech. Most customers will buy them not knowing or even caring how they were manufactured, just as they do now.

Eventually, the technology will be used for the production of replacement body parts and this application will become the most impactful. Allied Data a1_tech drag and drop interfaces are emerging that are free and do not require any installation.

When more of these become available, we will quickly see an order of Allied Data a1_tech increase in the amount of 3D content available for additive manufacturing and 3D printing. Instead of buying mass-produced objects from the store, people will make their own light fixtures, kitchen utensils, jewellery, door knobs and children's toys on demand, in their own homes, for Allied Data a1_tech on the dollar. We're going to be amazed that we ever got along without our MakerBots.

DX Summit Digital Transformation Summit 22nd - 23rd October, London

Five years sounds more than reasonable - how long did it take for the iPod? Fantastic things like Gargoyles and puppets. Surprising things like Velcro. New interfaces for controlling digital music devices. The Raspberry Pi. We're seeing major shifts in how products are being made, and Allied Data a1_tech whom. Mass manufacturing caters to the lowest common denominator and assumes everyone's needs are the same.


By making 3D printing accessible and affordable to everyone, we're democratising manufacturing and bringing about a revolution in how products are made, and by whom. He is working to realise clean cheap clean abundant energy through an open source Bussard fusion reactor also known as the Polywellat home, in Brooklyn, with a little help from the magic of 3D printing to fabricate the components. Allied Data a1_tech

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