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The steps below generally must be performed as the 'root' user. The commands to copy the Acces USB-AI16-16A files are simply: If you intend to use the accesloader. Copy Udev Rules File To System Directory The second step to automatically load firmware into the devices is to add a udev rules file to the system, which you can do using the command: On-line monitoring is preferable for gap Acces USB-AI16-16A angle through measurement of one phase voltage. Precise and affordable assessment of the SG's REs; cooling system, slip rings, etc. Minimal invasivity and no changes to existing windings; issue for SGs [1].

The latter is usually accomplished by c. No need of other RE detection techniques, such as direct Acces USB-AI16-16A, chemical, and vibration-based techniques [1]-[3]. SG inspection; d. Continuous on-line monitoring by a remote center; The air gap status is strictly related to the bearing health, e.


Timely detection of sudden faults; since a defective alignment leads to bearing overheating and f. Condition-based maintenance, through historical data.

SG's rotor eccentricity RE Sensors can be installed in the winding front region, where Acces USB-AI16-16A is also important for aged power plants [6], since space is generally available without major impact on machi- SGs can be kept in service with additional precautions [7]. Rogowski coils could be used, which grant Various recent techniques for RE detection in power SGs robustness without external feeding, together with a cheap were reviewed in [8], i. Section II of this paper recalls the diagnostic formulas This paper shows the practical application of a novel method obtained in [8]. Section III describes the commissioning stage for method set-up. In Section VI the experimental diagnostic C.

Bruzzese is with the Department of Astronautic, Electric and performances are evaluated. The modulated flux wave can be resolved in five Acces USB-AI16-16A component waves, which give In alternative to the FFT analysis, the direct detection of rise to analogous flux linkage systems: The current transformation is: The initial RE is measured in, at least, three basic conditions: SG with dynamic RE. Mechanical flange, dismounted. Since the original machine had series-connected poles, the parallel connection produced one-fourth of voltage and four times the rated current, with the same flux see Tables I in Appendix.

AIOUSB/AIOUSB/samples/USB-AO/doc at master · accesio/AIOUSB · GitHub

Hall sensors were used for current measurements. An arbitrary RE can Acces USB-AI16-16A set on the mechanical flange Fig. The tests were performed at reduce speed rpmsince the frequency was not influent on the short-circuit currents, and to Acces USB-AI16-16A unnecessary stresses on the regulated flange.


One phase voltage is also sensed by a resistor divider, for field angle calculation. Since the current probes are insulated, the DAB's Fig. Experimental test-bed, comprising: Data The VI periodically activates the DAB's CPU which transmission is asynchronous, so the connection speed is not automatically performs a single stage of acquisition, analog- a critical Acces USB-AI16-16A. The VI's block diagram is shown in Fig.

ACCES I/O Products Introduces USB Analog Input Series

Five front-panels Fig. The second panel Fig.

Experimental test-bed, schematic diagram. These units are designed to be used in rugged industrial environments but are small Acces USB-AI16-16A to fit nicely onto any desk or testing station.

The units feature eight standard analog voltage input ranges independently configuredAcces USB-AI16-16A factory current input ranges mA or mA and include a data sample buffer. USB-AIA, Up to 1 MHz, USB-AIO Series with 12 or Bit Resolution Each board shipped from ACCES is factory calibrated as part of the.

4, 8, or 16 analog outputs with 12 or bit resolution; High-speed USB device, USB and compatible; Unipolar and bipolar output ranges of V.

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