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Display The Alienware 14 has two display options: The Razer Blade 14, by comparison, only comes with a x screen.

When we viewed an image of a majestic mountain scene on both notebooks, it was no contest. The Alienware 14 delivered lush emerald greens and lovely cerulean skies. The same scene on the Blade 14 looked dull by comparison. The Alienware 14 also had the sharper display, allowing us to see nearly every blade of grass. We also saw crisper Sager NP8265 Qualcomm WLAN effects on the Alienware 14 including fireworks and gunfire.

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When we measured the brightness, the notebook delivered a measly lux,compared Sager NP8265 Qualcomm WLAN the lux on the Blade Audio Big notebook, big sound. Similar to its gargantuan brothers, Alienware 14 packs a pair of Klipsch speakers that offer rich, full audio. The notebook was Sager NP8265 Qualcomm WLAN to fill our small test space with loud, relatively clear acoustics. Sound was a tad muddier on the Blade 14, leaving the caws from our Murder of Crows vigor sounding muffled against the steady gunfire. In terms of sheer power, the Alienware notched 92 dB on the Laptop Audio Test a continuous set tone played 23 inches away from the notebook.

The Blade 14 only managed 86 dB.

SAGER NP9380 Notebook Windows 8.1,Windows 10 Drivers, Software

Alienware continues to Sager NP8265 Qualcomm WLAN the gold standard for gaming notebook audio. Despite its shrunken dimensions, the Alienware 14 packs quite the aural haymaker with clear and booming sound. Similar to previous iterations, the inch notebook features a keyboard with customizable backlighting. With 20 colors, 3 themes and 10 zones, the customization is deep and captivating.

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However, when it comes to typing experience, we prefer the Razer Blade The island-style keys provided firmer feedback and deeper travel than the Alienware Alienware has the flash, but Razer has the substance when it comes to the keyboard. A smaller deck, stronger feedback and deeper Sager NP8265 Qualcomm WLAN makes typing and gaming on the Razer Blade 14 a smoother, more comfortable experience.

Heat Some like it hot, but not when it comes to notebooks. The space between the G and H keys hit degrees while the bottom of the notebook reached degrees.

Download Dell Alienware 14 Qualcomm Wireless driver for Windows 7

However Sager NP8265 Qualcomm WLAN rear vent blew a scorching degrees. Best Laptops Round 6: Outfitted with a 2. The Alienware 14 and its 2. We ran the OpenOffice Spreadsheet Macro test, which tasked the notebooks with pairing 20, names to their corresponding addresses.

The Alienware 14 finished in 4 minutes and 5 seconds. The Blade 14 was Sager NP8265 Qualcomm WLAN on its heels with a time of 4: At the end of our testing, the Alienware 14 and Blade 14 were left in a dead heat, each winning two categories in our performance testing.


Some users might be disappointed that Clevo does not include a Thunderbolt interface. The interface layout is alright. The interfaces are positioned towards the back, ensuring the workspace left and right of Sager NP8265 Qualcomm WLAN notebook is kept largely free from cables, even if many are connected. When you use an external mouse, you will appreciate this.

In contrast to the cheaper Centrino Wireless-Nthe can also handle the 5 GHz frequency maximum:Windows 7, Killer Wireless-N Wireless LAN & Bluetooth Drivers for WindowsQualcomm Killer Wireless-N Wireless LAN Driver for Windows 32/ Windows 7, Intel Wireless LAN Drivers for Windows 7 32/64 BIT, Windows 7, Qualcomm Killer Wireless-N Wireless LAN Driver for Windows 7 32/

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