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This ensures an accurate Abit KT7 reading from the sensor. The KT7 has a fan Abit KT7 heat sink on the Northbridge of the VIA chipset, which should help keep things cool if you decide to overclock the front side bus. However, now that multiplier overclocking is possible with socket A processor's from AMD, bus overclocking is not necessary.

Bus overclocking with Intel processors can offer substantial speed boosts. However, bus overclocking with AMD processors is Abit KT7 less successful due to the stringent timing requirements of the EV6 bus.

This is accomplished at the factory by using a laser to cut several contacts on the surface of these processors. If you want to know more about T-Bird and Duron overclocking, and how to do Abit KT7, click Here. Overclocking the Duron The default settings for the Duron is 6 x Abit KT7 with a core voltage of 1. The results of overclocking attempts are shown below.

Boot success: At this speed, the processor temperature after a round of benchmarking was 42 degrees Centigrade Fahrenheit. The KT7 motherboard was exceptionally stable using multiplier overclocking. Over the course of 4 days of testing, the system hung only Abit KT7 at MHz. This is mainly due to the fact that Abit includes excellent control over parameters that help stabilize overclocked processors. I tested Direct 3-D performance using 3-D Mark ver. Direct 3-D Performance with the two video cards at their overclocked settings was very similar. Settings included maximum geometric and texture detail, lightmap, trilinear filtering, and V-sync off.

Review: ABIT KT7 Raid - Mainboard -

The system was able to deliver over 60 frames per second at x in Abit KT7 color. Click Here for more details. This means this is what the consumer actually gets, it was not one of those cherry picked motherboards the manufacturers send tech sites to review so they will get good ratings.

Sony Vaio VPCSA3SGX Renesas USB 3.00 Comments
GIGABYTE GA-6RXBIntroduction

In fact, most of the stuff I Abit KT7 I purchase now days. I picked up a whole new set of system componenets to build around this new computer. This computer is pretty well equipped right now, and is actually the computer I am writing this article on.

I'll talk more about this ABIT purchase later. When I first assembled my computer, I was amazed with it's speed.


About 2 months into owning it, I started to notice crashes in Win2k that were for the most part, just sporadic, nothing too frequent. These crashes were usually Memory dumps and NT Kernel errors. About the fourth month, I clocked my MHz Tbird back down too because as these errors became more frequent, the only thing I could think that would cause the problem Abit KT7 my overclocking, which was fine up until that time.


I decreased Abit KT7 clock speed, it helped for a couple weeks it seemed, but then the problems resumed. Ok, it is time for a format, I thought.


I format, doesn't work. ABIT has continued their recent return to tradition with their first entry into the Socket-A/KT arena, the KT7-RAID. Abit KT7 their first entry into  BIOS‎: Abit KT7 Modular BIOS PG; ABIT Soft. Abit KT7 (Socket A) overview and full product specs on CNET.

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