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Intel D945GNT D945GCZD945GTPD945GPMD945GBO 3943 Fix a potential system hang issue due to infinite loop in the variable function. Fixed a potential VPD corruption issue. Flashing a large BMP Logo caused inability to reflash and possibly not boot. Added support for writing a new variable through bio capsule. Fixed issue where there is a delay in turning on Power LED after powering on the system. Changed VT default to disabled. Supports OEM Activation 2. Fixed issue where changing certain Setup Options and using F10 to Save and Exit would not cause a system reset.

BIOS Update Release Notes

Fixed an issue where S3 resume did not work with dual core processors. Fixed issue where disk partitions are sometimes not seen during operating system installation. Fixed issue where BitLocker System Check would not pass. Fixed Intel D945GNT D945GCZD945GTPD945GPMD945GBO 3943 problem where PEG video devices that contain bridges do not work as the primary video device. Fixed the issue where CPU badge would not be displayed if location was partially off the screen.

Intel D945GCZ Specification Update Page 6

Setup Date option change day to 01 if the current day is invalid for the selected month or year. Fixed out of sync power-cycle after AC loss.

Added new translated strings. Fixed system unable to power-off instantly when power-off switch is pressed. Fixed issue where certain SCSI host adapter was not functional. Added a new feature for System Wake from S5. Fixed issue where system would hang with certain third-party IDE Intel D945GNT D945GCZD945GTPD945GPMD945GBO 3943 installed in the system. Fixed FDD test failure on certain floppy drives. Fixed TPM help message messing up setup screen issue and change the help message content. Fixed the issue where Boot Menu will not display correctly after F9 Load Default under certain scenario.

Fixed a problem where a PEG video device that contains bridges does not work as the primary video device. Fixed display of cache for multi-core processors.

Broadcom WLANInternet & Technology
Avery AP5.4-4.4
Asus Z170-K RST
AMD AC97 Audio
Ati FireGL V5100

Fixed issue where certain host adapter card was not functional. Fixed failure where system would hang after flash update with certain processor. Fixed issue where USB 2. Changed displayed SOL copyright to Added support for a new SLP area at F Intel D945GNT D945GCZD945GTPD945GPMD945GBO 3943 for 16 bytes. Prevent 'up arrow' key from entering Setup.

Added New Intel Intel D945GNT D945GCZD945GTPD945GPMD945GBO 3943 screen Logo. Fixed issue where default value for Serial Port was not getting loaded after Flash update. Fixed an issue where the system hangs while resuming from S3, when certain processors are present. This fix also addresses Core speed difference failure. Removed C1E option from setup.

BIOS Update Release Notes - PDF

Fixed a problem where the BIOS update would report an error trying to flash update the microcode. Modified feature to enable USB bootable devices to boot the system first.


Fix for issue with Intel R Integrator Toolkit. Fixed Setup Browser would Intel D945GNT D945GCZD945GTPD945GPMD945GBO 3943 refresh with F9 default Language. Fixed illegal pop-up message box display in setup. Fixed security issue with Intel AMT. Fixed the problem where operating system could not get Wake up cause after resuming S4. Added feature to enable USB bootable devices to boot the system first. Modified support to dynamically set SATA default based on board sku.

Intel desktop dgcz drivers

Free download, review of Intel DGNT/ DGCZ/DGTP/DGPM/DGBO (Intel). It is designed to be used on Windows systems. BIOS Version About This Release: • July 07. Modified SATA support for DGTP Intel D945GNT D945GCZD945GTPD945GPMD945GBO 3943. • Added ability to flash update the Intel®.

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