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HP Mini TU PC Drivers for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP

Software for enabling wireless data flow Cross-Reference to Related HP Mini 1024TU SMSC LAN This application claims priority of U. The Lava Database LD. The Target Server TS. If an optional direct connection is established, the SMSC is configured to relay the short message to the Lava Application Server when the message is destined to a pre-determined numbers. This means that the carrier assigns a number e. The wireless modem assuming MIN is and the wireless device are located within the carrier's SMS roaming area. The wireless modem can be identified by a Mobile Identification Number Procedure: A list of authorized user accounts is set up on the Lava Application Server in the Lava Database. The end user composes a short message, for instance"Ping TargetServer", on the wireless device and sends it to the number if an optional direct connection is established, or to the wireless modem number The SMSC receives this short message and relay the message to the Lava Application Server through either the direction connection or the wireless modem.

The Lava Application Server authenticates the request by checking the MIN that is embedded in the message packet according to the SMS protocol definition against its profile in the Database. Upon Success, the Lava Application Server parses the text message and identifies and validates the command. Upon success, the Lava Application Server issues a"ping TargetServer" command and wait for the result.

The Lava Application Server generates a response based on the command result and breaks it down to multiple short messages to comply with the length limit imposed by the SMSC if necessary. The SMSC deliver the response to the end user.

The administrative commands are expandable, customizable, and dynamic. The system can be implemented in most wireless networks.

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The wireless modem can be replaced by a wireless handset that interfaces with the Lava Application Server. The request is initiated by the end users, however, is can work in conjunction with the Alert Module to create a set of monitoring functionalities.


Software for enabling wireless data flow-Alert Module Description Key components: The Lava Application Server uses this information for access control. The Lava Application Server queries the Lava Database to compute the eligible message recipients each with a wireless device identification number e.

The SMSC deliver the message to the recipients. The alert requests are expandable, customizable, and dynamic. The request is initiated by the target servers, however, is can work in conjunction with the Remote Administration Module to create a set of interactive administration functions. Remote Control Object Using the IR port on a wireless device and the Bluetooth interface, integrate remote control capabilities into wireless devices. This is done by remembering the remote control commands for a particular device and then retrieving HP Mini 1024TU SMSC LAN later to control the device.

HP Mini 1024TU PC drivers free download

With current technology this involves having the end user input the command set or using a team function-buift into numerous devices such as TV VCR, etc. Input methods include reading the command set from a series of bar codes, reading it from the WEB site of the device manufacturer, reading command sets that have been stored on the Lava WEB site, and other methods. Activation of HP Mini 1024TU SMSC LAN command involves sending an IR signal to the device to be controlled via the IR port on the wireless device. Intelligent Portal This describes an intelligent portal which provides value added services to wireless device users.

These value added services include calendar functions and location based functions among others. The portal maintains context d Information and allows access to the HP Mini 1024TU SMSC LAN in order to provide these services. While the device is in range, if the device owner has enabled it, the device will have access to any information maintained by the base station. This indudes land-line access to e-mail, VYEB sites, faxes, voice mail, etc.


It also allows the device to receive broadcast messages from this private base station. The Lava TTS feature converts any textual content into spoken words that can be played over the air for the wireless end user.

This feature recognizes the words spoken by the end user and converts them into text that is then passed into the Lava Server for processing. This module also adds an heuristic typing aid to anticipate text input. Portable Data Terminal Module This module allows a wireless device to be used in conjunction with a bar code scanner to read bar codes and pass them back to the Lava Server. This is accomplished by having the wireless device contact the bar code scanner via the Bluetooth interface in order to exchange the scanned information. Using HP Mini 1024TU SMSC LAN same interface the wireless device can also interface with Point Of Sales POS terminals to exchange information and get receipts for transactions. Language Translation Module This describes the Lava Servers Language Translation Module which allows the end user of a wireless device to input text or voice in one language and have it translated into another language.

This is done by having the Language Translation Module perform the translation within the Lava Server.

Interactive Survey Module This module broadcasts a survey packet to identified parties. The party receiving the packet has an option as to whether to reject the survey, respond now, respond later, or forward the packet on to someone else. The survey packet is broken into many sub-packets each of which contains a question and a Est of responses.


I have just checked and it turns out that it is an HP Miniproduct This package contains the LAN driver for the Realtek RTLEL NIC in  Missing: TU ‎SMSC. Download the latest driver, firmware, and software for your HP Mini tu is HP's official website to download drivers free of cost for your HP  Missing: TU ‎SMSC.

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