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If you have any problems, please contact us via our online contact form or call our office. We appreciate all feedback, it helps improve our service. The Acer aspire 1860r manual for your computer is usually located on the computer itself: Click on Start 2. Click on All Programs 3. To download or view a copy of these documents: Under Select Your Product, choose the type of product you have.

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In the Product Selector, continue to select your model and click Confirm. Click on the User Guides tab. Search for a service manual Service manual will have detail specifications and instructions how to replace RAM and Acer aspire 1860r drives oftern not found in the user manual. Open in your browser your favourite search engine. Type in your model number followed by the keywords: Upgrading your Acer computer can give it new life and make it very fast without spending lots of money on a brand new computer.

A lot of older model computers have a standard mechanical hard drive and 2GB - 4GB of memory. Memory is used for multi tasking and allows the computer to do more at once which means that with 4GB of memory you may only be able to Acer aspire 1860r a few browser tabs open at once along with a few Acer aspire 1860r before it starts to freeze up and lag.


Upgrading the memory to 8GB - 16GB Depending on computer model can allow your computer to run more programs, open more browser tabs and improve overall performance. Not only will this better read speed allow you to copy files faster but it will give your computer a huge performance boost. A good example of this is your computer starting up in under 30 seconds. Applications and software will also open almost instantly and waiting for computer games to load becomes a thing of the past. Another advantage of solid state drives is that they are more reliable than standard drives as there are no moving parts inside giving it a longer life and minimising chances of files being corrupted.

The one down side of solid Acer aspire 1860r drives is that you will no longer be able make yourself a tea or coffee while the computer starts as it starts up so fast now.

If you are sick of waiting for applications to start, your computer freezing and running slowly than you should certainly Acer aspire 1860r an upgrade for your Acer. You will regret not doing it sooner after seeing the performance increase!

Acer Aspire Memory & RAM Chip Upgrades - Lifetime Guarantee!

Acer aspire 1860r are multiple ways you can identify how many memory slots your Acer Computer has: Physically looking. Using the memory scanner tool supplied on our website. FAQs Q: How to check this battery is compatible with my laptop?

Please find out your old battery's part number or the exact model name of your laptop at first like 'Aspire One Acer aspire 1860rthen to match our product compatibility chart. Second please compare your old battery's shape to our product images ensure they are the same.

Acer Aspire One AOD products - BatteryUpgrade

Finally check the voltage Rating is same to your old battery's. More details please click How to find one correct battery for my laptop?


If your Acer Aspire One AOD battery does not charge up to full capacity Acer aspire 1860r should remove it from the device and then place it back inside of the device. We have a strict testing process to ensure the battery for Acer Aspire One AOD you've ordered are functionally correct before they are packed and sent to you.

High quality battery for Acer Aspire One AOD150-1860 (2200mAh,3 cells)

Upgrade your Acer Aspire Aspire with guaranteed compatible Acer RAM memory. All Acer Aspire Memory Upgrades are backed by a lifetime.

Upgrade Acer aspire and boost your speed. Ram for aspire

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