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Driver guide for Archos 9 - Windows XP at 07/02/10 -

The Archos 9 comes pre—loaded with ARCHOS 9 PC Tablet Realtek Audio Symphony to easily create and edit your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Multi—task and run multiple applications simultaneously in Windows 7. This pc tablet also features Bluetooth connectivity. No other PC tablet computer combines so much computing and multimedia in such a small space.

Extreme Portability and Easy Navigation The touch screen makes navigation on your slate pc effortless. For times when you need more precision, Archos provides a trackpoint optical finger navigation system with mouse buttons. A built—in kickstand lets you prop the tablet pc for hands—free viewing of HD videos. Lower the angle of the kickstand for typing emails and surfing the web.

A five hour rechargeable battery gives you enough time to watch multiple movies on your next flight. One non-performance software-related issue I've had is that after about a week the onscreen keyboard software seemed to stop working.

Download Tablet PC Archos 9 PCtablet drivers and software.

I reinstalled it and all was well, but if this is going to become a regular occurrence, it'll definately be irritating. So what is the purpose of this device, might one ask?


Well, for me, again, because it runs Windows 7, it's an extremely portable PC. It works well as a media device as well, because of the inherent compatibility of a Windows PC, and here it might even have the iPad beat. Non techies will probably not like this however, as you definitely need to do some tweaking to get the most out of it, and in ARCHOS 9 PC Tablet Realtek Audio respect, Apple will definitely win the battle of the tablets, but really, is anyone surprised by this?

Archos 9 Pc Tablet Port Replicator 2.03.0004.0000 Driver Download

In that respect, the Archos 9 wins hands down. Archos 9 for portability Skype works fine. With a usb hub, I plugged in a keyboard, cd player and ext. Read more A netbook for portability not performance.


I read my kindle books listening to relaxing music in my earbuds, leaving email open, and this is what I wanted. A book reader with pc features. Screen interaction is good with stylus. Full web including flash. Audio satisfies me and I already have iPod Touch. Was the recovery partition really necessary? An HP slate with flip keyboard and more performance is more then double the price. I was disapointed with iPad restrictions and find this one to be what I expected, performs less then an Asus or Acer netbook Windows needs to be ajusted to allow performance instead of display Under accessories, you can find a smaller virtual keyboard that is better in pc tablet section Maybe it should have come with win Xp but it is an ajustable pc This is not the tablet you are looking for I don't know what ARCHOS 9 PC Tablet Realtek Audio say.

Read more I have been using tablet PCs for several years and find the slate form factor to be ideal for the way I live and work. The big problem with slate Tablet PCs is that anything with decent performance specifications and features is very expensive. For general web-surfing, word processing, and e-mail it is ok, ARCHOS 9 PC Tablet Realtek Audio it lacks the power to be a decent media player. Low quality videos display fine, but I have had no luck displaying HD videos.

Technically Flash works, but it too suffers from weak performance. The Windows Experience Index assesses key system components on a scale of 1.

Archos 32GB 9 PCtablet with " Resistive Touch B&H

The Archos 9 rates as follows: Calculations per second: Memory operations per second: Desktop performance for Windows Aero: Disk data transfer rate: There are three pointer input methods for the Archos: Each has its advantages and I find myself switching between ARCHOS 9 PC Tablet Realtek Audio frequently. The drawback of the resistive screen and trackpoint is that when using any of the available mouse navigation options, it is too easy to send inadvertent inputs by putting your hand in the wrong place. The on-screen keyboard appears with a push of a button - which is nice, but it does not fit on the screen in portrait mode. The keyboard is a bit too large to type comfortably with one or two fingers or the stylus. A smaller one would be better. Something my other tablet has that I miss is programmable buttons for up, down, left, right, enter, and escape. These make reading a lot easier.

Realtek HD Audio Driver support all of Realtek HD Audio Codec.

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1. Vista/Windows 7 WHQL Supporting: ALC, ALC, ALC, ALC The Realtek Audio driver ensures that you have a high quality sound, the BIOS fixes an issue with the touchscreen when it was used in full sunlight, and the Intel Graphics Driver offers you a high definition video experience.

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