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Details are here: We didn't update our drive firmware which has ADS PYRO 1394 SIX-Port HUB OXFW bridge chip because we purchased from a different vendor and cannot be certain that the update would even work with our drive let alone render our drive useless. In addition, it is rather annoying that the firmware update requires you to download the Java run-time from Sun if you don't have it installed already. February 2, Another end user has found a resolution to their delayed write failure. If you have such a kit, you can find a software workaround here. It is not clear from reviewing their web site if their delayed write failures match the one we describe above. However, if you have such a DVICO hard drive kit, and you are experiencing the delayed write failure, this might be the solution for you. Please continue letting us know of your success stories getting the Delayed Write Failure solved!

PYRO AV API-652 PYRO1394a ExpressCard + USB 2.0

This user was experiencing delayed write failures on their hard drive. It is working fine for them. The resolution that this user found is an interesting one and not too uncommon. It is possible that the changes the user made did not actually fix the problem. What I mean by that is that the root cause of the failure may still be there. However, making changes such as he did can affect the timing of the system which might cause the delayed write failure to never occur. Of course, this ADS PYRO 1394 SIX-Port HUB just one possibility.


The resolution above could very well be the precise fix needed. Determining exactly what component is at fault is difficult and frustrating. Keep letting us know of your success stories and we'll let others know. We're especially interested in hearing from drive vendors and bridge chip vendors. This WEB page receives a lot of traffic and it would be helpful to post official resolutions to issues you might be aware of. March 17, We have received a detailed e-mail from an end-user thanks Andrew with information from the drive vendors about the delayed write failure. He relays that ADS PYRO 1394 SIX-Port HUB of the more common causes of the delayed write failure is due to the firmware and chipset of earlier revisions as has been discussed above.

The file you want is http: Apparently, there is nothing in this file that is specific to ByteCC products.

For him, updating the firmware not only fixed the delayed write failure but also some other problems he was experiencing. We took one of our delayed write failure drives, with the Oxford Semiconductor chipset in it, and downloaded the file above so that we could check it out.

Unfortunately, the utility above is very VERY cryptic in my opinion. All I want is a utility that says "You have firmware revision x. Would you like to upgrade to revision a. The ZIP file you download above extracts multiple files, multiple firmware revisions, and difficult to read documentation. Ugh, download and try the above at your own risk!

We chose to leave our drive alone and not attempt an update. Good luck, you'll need it. March 21, If you have a Lava FireDrive hard drive enclosure, we have been notified ADS PYRO 1394 SIX-Port HUB the following WEB page with instructions on resolving their delayed write issue: If you have such an enclosure, and this really is the solution for you, please let us know.

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March 24, An end-user having delayed write failures read through our messages above and responded to us with his success story: I am contacting you in reference to your page about the firewire problem. I downloaded the java uploader from the Macally Peripherals site and I managed to configure the chip and upload ADS PYRO 1394 SIX-Port HUB and it seems that my problems are over. Thanks for the help.

Perhaps the link cited above, with the java uploader, is the best option for those of us having problems with the Oxford Semiconductor bridge chip" try it on my own drive.


As always, please let us know of your success or failures. April 7, Thanks to another end-user report, we have received another link for a delayed write firmware fix. If you have a LaCie firewire drive, you might want to check out: However, there are other causes too. One end-user writes us with a method they found successful: I noticed some mentioning of PCI latency settings possibly being the cause for some people. After some research I found a utility called powerstrip that allows you to manually configure the PCI latency settings on all most of your system devices. Downloads Free! 2 Drivers and Manual for ADS PYRO SIX-Port HUB ADS PYRO 1394 SIX-Port HUB.

Here's where you can downloads Free! the newest software for your PYRO. Buy ADS Technologies Pyro Digital Video Card: FireWire Port Cards SlingStudio Hub Portable Wireless Broadcast HD Video Production Unit + Battery. Hot plugging; Ports: 3 ports (2 external, 1 internal); Connectors: 6 Pin

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