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Sat 15 Mar List your system If this has been Winbook XLi VGA, can someone please link me to it? I am always really interested at reading what each of you are running Puppy on.

What's under the hood so to speak? I just got a new-to-me computer that I will run Puppy on full time. No more using the family computer to restart Winbook XLi VGA on for Winbook XLi VGA sessions. On one hand I I'm uncharacteristically excited about the prospect of using all the discarded computers in the world to run Puppy on.

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I also have to use the above trick to start the laptop the first time before I can Winbook XLi VGA the rigth settings for my LCD Display. I have also seen that the stock FC3 Totem Player cant show anything at all tried different video files of different formats while Mplayer can.


Winbook XLi VGA trided to change driver to vesa and after that Totem player works fine. Fedora Core 4 anaconda autoprobes driver Trident Cyberblade Generic and unknown monitor. GUI starts and but shows only a white screen. Text mode install works but first startup does the same white screen.

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Anaconda should use vesa driver for this cards untill driver is working. Is there a way to force anaconda to use a specific driver for vga? This migth be a duplicate bug, but I havent seen it for FC4 and since I have some experince with all FC releases and this Winbook XLi VGA thougt it migth be Winbook XLi VGA interest.


Im also kinda new to bugzilla and how to post bugs. Hope this helps you to help me since I cant change my graphic card in this computer. Comment 1 Samvinesh Christopher Both showed white screen. Comment 2 James Bridge I also noticed a problem with FC4 Winbook XLi VGA not finding a "tty" - couldn't see details!

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Comment 3 Samvinesh Christopher No issues with FC3. You disable one or the other in the bios, the touchpad is a Synaptics None really with 2 pointing devices, and this will help solve Winbook XLi VGA "Which is better?

This is more a mechanized floppy and you can tell but that is a small price to pay for the increased storage capability 5 Ports and Bays Left: Battery If you remember my previous review of the XLi, battery life was horrendous, I only got about 1: It could have been a bad battery because when I ran it on this machine, I got about 3: And remember that this is a Pentium II and I ran it with power management off. None really 3 Sound System The speakers are well placed, above the keyboard out of hands way one of my favorite places. Sound is typical for a notebook but better than many others I've heard. When I have it Winbook XLi VGA to a Gateway Soloit is amazing how much smaller it looks.

Although the specs say it's 7 lbs, my bathroom scale at home which we all know is a scientifically accurate measuring device reads about 7. I would give it a 7. One thing is that it feels really sturdy, I was thinking that it may be due to how everything is probably compacted in there which may be good or bad?

But overall, this is the perfect size for a None really, maybe thinner and lighter but then you would have to remove the drives 5 I could total the scores, but this would be irrelevant. graphics accelerator w/2 MB DRAM ' Parallel Serial, P5/2, VGA 2-way Infrared PM. To keep up, we've loaded up this WinBook XLi with 64 l\/lB Winbook XLi VGA SDRAM. Free download, review of Winbook XLi VGA Driver (WinBook). In addition to a complete line up of award-winning WinBook notebooks, LCD-TVs and.

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