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S Rr33d I tried installing the device with the Yakumo drivers, i TerraTec T1 TV Stick the device into a usb port, then it detects it as Digital TV Reciever, i direct it to install the Yakumo drivers but close to the end of installing them it asks me to insert a cd, which happens to be the one which is supplied with the Freecom DVB-T USB Stick.

Dvb-t TERRATEC Cinergy Mini Stick HD

Could someone please tell me where i'm going wrong? I followed all of the steps on page 2 of this topic.


You could always try plugging it into a different USB port and reinstall the Yakumo ones. Alan Rr33d S Well that's a start, mine installed fine but the Yakumo software didn't pick anything up. Have you gone into the config within gbpvr and set the capture source to be the Freecom device? I tried another USB port and forced the tv tuner to use the Yakuma drivers, which installed and all programs recognise it, however whenever i scan for channels the light lights green but no chanels are found: S TerraTec T1 TV Stick S That's pretty much the behaviour I found on a machine that had previously had the Freecom drivers installed. Drivers load fine, green light comes on, any scan fails to find anything.


Clearly something gets left behind, I don't know what. I installed on a different machine and started with the Yakumo drivers.

Does the Yakumo software also fail to find channels? Then I removed the drivers and installed the standard Freecom ones.

Terratec T1 Tv Stick 64 Bit Driver Download

The Freecom software lets me watch and record with relative ease and apart from a few small suggestions which I sent to Freecom I can find nothing that cannot be done with the packaged software. I'm sure you will let me know what I have missed: One particular thing I like is that I don't need an internet connection to get the EPG info, it comes with the coax TerraTec T1 TV Stick. I will post here what I have sent to Freecom as suggestions. Oh and if anyone knows where I can buy another Coaxial adapter that is used with the USB stick I would be grateful as that will soon get lost!

This would make selecting a new channel far easier and faster. Always On Top should be selectable from the right click menu. Should be able to select the EPG dialog from the right click menu.

Terratec handleidingen

The EPG list should show your Favourites in the order you have selected and NOT the whole Channel list as it does now, or at least have a check box that lets you decide which of the lists you can see in the drop down. TerraTec T1 TV Stick also have a question: I tried installing on a different computer without the freecom drivers previously installed, however again i had to force it to use the Yakumo drivers as it wouldnt install by just showing it the directory.

I didn't know if to use the capture or the loader inf file but i tried both and neither will recieve chanels even using the Yakumo software. I don't know whether to take it back.

If all you want to do is record the odd show and watch live TV then continue using the bundled software but don't expect any new features. My Freecom is one of a couple of tuners, the other being a Nova-T. My wife can use it without problems, in fact so can the baby sitter, I just gave her the remote control and said "you're a teenager, you'll figure it out" and if she gets stuck, my 6 year old can show her TerraTec T1 TV Stick. I think you're really missing the point if you want to compare media software with bundled TV software. This package contains the TerraTec T1 TV Stick needed for installing the TerraTec T1 TV Stick Driver.

If it has been installed, updating (overwrite-installing) may. Simply plug the CINERGY T/C Stick into a USB port on your computer, install the driver and software from our website and just like that, the world of mobile TV is  Missing: T1.

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