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We hope you will enjoy using it as a great home entertainment partner. This player has the following functionality.

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НИКС: Архив описаний, раздел: Медиаплееры HD/HDTV iconBIT

Cautions This player s design and manufacture has your safety in mind. In order to safely and effectively use this player, please read the following before usage. Usage Cautions User iconBIT MovieHD T2 Media Player not modify this player. Power The player s power voltage: When using this player, please connect the iconBIT MovieHD T2 Media Player AC adapter or AC adapter cable to the player s power jack. When placing the adapter cable, make sure it can not get damaged or be subject to pressure. To reduce the risk of electric shock, unplug the adapter first before cleaning it. Never connect the adapter to the player in a humid or dusty area.

Do not replace the adapter or cable s wire or connector. Radio Interference - If not properly shielded, almost all electronic devices will get radio interference. Under some conditions, your player might get interference. Repair If the player has a problem, you should take it to an appointed repair center and let the specialists do the repair, never repair the player yourself, and you might damage the player or endanger yourself or your data. Disposing of the Player When you dispose of the player, be sure to dispose it appropriately. Some countries may regulate disposal of electrical device, please consult with your local authority. IconBIT MovieHD T2 Media Player When using this player, please do not let the player come into contact with 4 6 water or other liquid, if water is accidentally spilled on the player, please use a dry cloth to absorb the spillage.

Media player's operation guide 2. Connecting the Memory Card 1 Insert the memory card to the card slot properly; 2 Insert the memory card according to the silkscreen which painted above the card slot. In this way, you can enjoy the content in the player on TV or other display devices.


In this way, you can have the highest quality video and audio via a single cable. USB host Rear panel 5. Analog Video Out composite 2. IconBIT MovieHD T2 Media Player any of the third-party applications are not adapted for a remote control, you can use the mouse mode. When you turn it a special button on the remote iconBIT MovieHD T2 Media Player appears on the screen, which can be controlled by a D-pad. For convenience, the various applications is recommended to connect a wireless USB-mouse — will suit any modern model with a 2.

In addition to the Google services on iconBIT media player pre-installed a number of multimedia programs.


If you do not want to look for IPTV-playlists, you can try to find the channel you want in one of the other two pre-installed applications for television viewing. Part of the free channels, but to show some will iconBIT MovieHD T2 Media Player to buy a premium membership. This app has a vast catalog of channels both Russian and foreignmost of which are free to view. It strimingovy service that lets you watch free movies from various sources and does not require registration.

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Volume of internal memory is 8 GB consoles. From it you will get around 5 GB — it will be enough to install third-party programs.


To connect external storage devices with multimedia content in your device provides a microSD card slot and three ports USB 2. The media player supports drives with the exFAT file system, so that problems with flash drives large volume will be. Although powerful iconBIT MovieHD T2 Media Player for such a gadget chipset, amount of RAM to 1 GB does not leave almost no chance for three-dimensional arcade games like Asphalt 8: Airborn — comfortable to play then it does not turn.

To do this, the relevant standard HDMI 2. This not only allows you to use one remote control, instead of two, but also makes it possible to install a hidden mediadevaysa.

To this end, Panasonic tuner is mounted inside the gadget. To view terrestrial TV channels is enough to connect to a conventional home TV antenna, or you can purchase additional inexpensive external DVB-T2 digital antenna.

When you first start DTV iconBIT console mode offer scan the air for the presence of channels and radio stations, then TV viewing process in the media player will not differ from conventional TV. Ultimate HD media player with Full-HD and 3D support (all actual formats). IconBIT MovieHD T2 Media Player hardware design, professional audio DA converter, perfect connectivity. iconBIT MovieHD T2 Plus Media Player Full HD, HDMi, DVB-T/T2 DVB-T2 HD clip-on Digital Tuner that supports all current and standard full HD formats.

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