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Other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. No part of the specifications may be reproduced in any form or by any means or used to make any derivative such as translation, transformation, or adaptation without permission from NETCORE Technologies Netis ST3208 Switch. Copyright, All Rights Reserved. It means not all functions are included in the Switch. Some functions may not be included in the switch.

The manual includes the switch performance and function. Please read this manual before managing the device. Intended Audience This guide is intended for network administrators familiar with IT concepts and network terminology. Avoid using this product during an electrical storm. There may be a remote risk Netis ST3208 Switch electric shock from lightning. FAQ 5 Chapter 1: Support rate limit, port statistics. Support QoS, providing strict priority and weighted priority. Support MAC address binding.

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Support the loopback detection, to avoid the distress brought Netis ST3208 Switch by the loop. Support IGMP snooping, multicast probe. Support the management configuration in serial mode. Support WEB-based firmware upgrade. Support parameter backup and recovery. For simplicity, we take PE as an example of the product images below.


Make sure that the package contains the following items. If any of the listed items is damaged or missing, please contact your distributor.


Not all the LED indicators in the following table are included on one switch. Please refer to the panel of your switch.

Netis ST3208 Manuals

The switch works properly. The switch works improperly. The corresponding port is connected to a network device, but no activity. Data is transmitting through the corresponding port. No device is connected to the corresponding port. No PoE power supply is provided on the port. The associated two ports are referred as a Combo port, which means they cannot be used simultaneously, otherwise only SFP port works. Console Port Designed to connect with the serial port of a computer or terminal for monitoring and configuring the switch The rear panel Power Socket Connect the female connector of the power cord here, and the male connector to the AC power outlet.

Please use the provided power cord in the package. Ensure the device is connected safely to the power outlet with the AC power cable. Ensure the device around good ventilation and heat dissipation Do not place heavy objects on the device 2. Turnover the switch and place it on the desktop. Switch built-in power supply system can be the actual input voltage automatically adjusts its operating voltage. The power connector is located on the rear panel switch. Disconnect the power cord is a plug on the power switch on the rear panel interface, the other end plugged into a power outlet. ST to be configured through a web browser, Netis ST3208 Switch least a reasonable allocation of computer through an Ethernet connection to ST Figure The machine-default IP address issubnet mask is So when you log on to the switch, make sure the IP address of the computer network card and the IP of the switch in the same network segment: Reference to the following steps to set up: The smart and friendly interfaces make the switch management an easy job.

Start-Control Panel Figure 11 2. Click Network and Iternet Connection. The netis ST Fast Ethernet Web Management Switch provides an ideal networking solution for office and department applications. It fully complies with.

Smart Switches · SNMP Switches · PoE Switches. Remove All View Comparison. ST 8 Port Fast Ethernet Web Management Switch. Add to compare.

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