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Asus UX50V Notebook Touchpad manufacturer offers five different models in other European countries, which mainly differ in their processors: Our test configuration with a Core 2 Solo U should be in the center span of the efficiency bandwidth. There are, for instance, two models with either a Core 2 Duo SU with 1.

Seeing that our notebook had problems under Windows Vista and several open applications, we'd like to disadvise from the smaller single-core processors in advance. The model tested by us is available in the internet starting at Euros. If something changes in view of this, we will naturally inform you. Case Asus UX50V Notebook Touchpad design is felicitous into the smallest detail. The UX50V's case makes a stable and high-end impression.

Most parts have been made of high-quality plastic, with exception of the loudspeakers that have been manufactured in metal. The case has Asus UX50V Notebook Touchpad breadth of millimeters, a depth of millimeters and a height of 29 to 33 millimeters and weighs grams. The adapter, with a maximum of 65 watt consumption, weighs an additional grams. As already mentioned, Asus has done good job on the design: A shiny black coated lid with a silver Asus logo stamped on it flashes at you when you open the package.


Under the beveled front edge, a metal grill runs over the whole breadth, behind which the loudspeakers have been concealed. The Asus UX50V Notebook Touchpad of the hinges, that pull themselves frontward with an elegant sway, have also been framed in silver.

Asus UX50V

You are greeted by numerous reflections when the notebook is opened, as Asus also builds in high-gloss surfaces here: The screen surface seamlessly blends into the frame and even the wrist rests and touchpad gleam. Asus allows merely the bottom and the keyboard bezel to be manufactured in matt plastic. The plastic over the keyboard is slightly structured towards the display. The biggest Asus UX50V Notebook Touchpad of the Asus UX50V's design is its susceptibility for fingerprints, grime and unfortunately also scratches.

This problem has actually been known since the electronic branch has remodeled the matt plastic of the 90s to the high-gloss piano lacquered surfaces of the new century a few years ago. The smooth surfaces, especially those of the UX50V's wrist rests and the touchpad, proved to be pretty to look at but extremely care intensive and sensitive: There were numerous fingerprints, dust particles and streaks on the afore shining surfaces after only 10 minutes of use. Our prototype has also most probably been in not such caring hands already: There were partly hefty scratches on the chrome touchpad bar and on the frame above the display In any case, Asus hasn't completely ignored this problem and adds a microfiber cloth and a Asus UX50V Notebook Touchpad care instruction guide, with Asus UX50V Notebook Touchpad the notebook can be freed well from potential fingerprints.

No matter if lacquered or not, all components sit tight in the case.


Nothing clatters or creaks when picking it up. However, the keyboard flexes strongly just around the enter key and the screen can be twisted. But you have to purposely apply medium pressure on the display's left and right, which will probably barely ever happen under normal circumstances.

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Lenovo ThinkCentre A63 Hotkey

The two narrow hinges can't completely prevent the screen teetering, but it's been fixated tightly otherwise. The display closes automatically at ten centimeters. A closure hasn't been built-in; merely the hinges keep the lid in a closed state. It's possible to open it single-handedly due to its heavy Asus UX50V Notebook Touchpad tray. There has to be a bit of care taken when the display is tilted towards the front: Already after an angle of around 40 degrees, the display turns itself off and triggers the properties which have been set for "close monitor" in the energy savings options.

This is standby in the standard settings. The status lights, power button and keyboard light up in white when the device is turned on.

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This fits well to the rest of the design and is a welcome change to the "persistent blue" of other manufacturers. Free Download Asus UX50V Notebook Touchpad Driver (Keyboard & Mouse). Version /11/ KBytes.

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BIOS Fixed bug that ALS has no function under dGPU mode on Win7. Downloaded DOWNLOAD. Version

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