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Conclusion of Task 2.

Cypress EZ-PD Configuration Utility User Manual - PDF

After the final design was refined, the necessary steps were made to build the prototype. A number of deviations took place with respect to the original plan which was related to the size Billboard USB-I2C MFG the board, the cost of the prototype and the delivery times.

All the pixel movement is to be done mechanically by hand, and instead of having 3 foils only one single foil is needed. To allow the device to be portable, the foil does not contain the full colour range it would have to be around 10cm deep but instead the coloured foil contains specific images and logos which can be displayed if each is rolled in the correct position - similar to a puzzle game. The original plan was that each pixel can be moved by fingers and this would have meant pixels which are 8 by 8 mm. Due to the amount of time it would have taken to change the image with these Billboard USB-I2C MFG an additional reeling rod was developed that allows that is still mechanical and allows the rotation of a whole column of pixels 9 in total.


Each colouring contains a specific pixel from a specific image. This was done do reduce costs as the sticker type foil was much cheaper to manufacture and the simple mechanics of ECODRIVE did not require the special elastic foil. After all the components were Billboard USB-I2C MFG and all the foils were joined together the assembly could commence. The development included four main steps: It consisted of three tasks.


Task 3. An electric motor is placed on an X-Y positioning device at the back of the module and is able to move and position itself accurately. Once in position, it connects Billboard USB-I2C MFG the cogs one by one and winds them into the required position.


All the pixel modules integrate the same electronic circuits that allow translating the digital data from the MU to a determined number of turns of the motor, thus provoking the displacement of the foil in a certain degree. MMR solution The architecture of the pixel control system is described in the deliverable D3. It is based on the mobile motor row MMR solution consisting of a row of miniature stepper motors that moves up and down on the rear part of the board and connects with the stacked layers of pixels to turn the foils.

Enhanced smart driver According to the previous design, each miniature motor is addressed individually by the MM through the I2C bus. This is possible thanks to the "smart" driver that interfaces the MM and every miniature motor, which consists of a small footprint Billboard USB-I2C MFG microcontroller and a low-voltage stepper motor driver. An initial version of this "smart" driver was presented in deliverable D3. This part of the system is responsible for converting the uploaded image to coloured pixels so they can be displayed and for monitor the displayed image can be analysed. Work package 4 summary Work package 4 started in Month 9 in the first period and was completed in Month 15 in the second period. It consisted of two distinctive tasks with one concentrating on the image processing and the other one on the system monitoring.

Both tasks started in the first period and the progress was reported in the first periodic report. Further development was made Billboard USB-I2C MFG the second period and the results were reported in Deliverables 4. Task 4.

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The optimal pixel size was determined at 8 mm and the mechanical design was done accordingly. The colour scheme used affects the length of the foil, which also influences the mechanical design.

USB Adapter lets laptop users access Internet from anywhere.

In the default situation there were three different foils planned, but due to the complications and additional cost it would have meant for the mechanical design a different colour scheme was chosen which uses only one foil. Architecture Billboard USB-I2C MFG two functions Maintenance and monitoring have different architectures, although the software components used are very similar. Maintenance The board displays a chessboard and using the camera it is captured.

The angle of distortion is calibrated using the information from Billboard USB-I2C MFG chessboard - all lines should be parallel. The distortion module of the software can virtually mount the rectangular perfect chessboard image on the distorted one and using the straight lines transforms it. Using the undistorted image the pixels can be calibrated a perfect chessboard Billboard USB-I2C MFG be seen; if not the pixel with the problem can be identified and repositioned. To ensure that no pixels are stuck, the inverse of the transformation is performed black turns to white, white turns to black. The results are analysed. Calibration process 1. Image is captured using the camera and sent to the web based administrator 2. The actual distorted image and the perfect rectangular one are placed on top of each other and compared to find the distortion curve 3. The undistorted chess table is analyzed for black and white pixels ensuring that they are all at the right location 4.

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An inverse chessboard image is displayed to ensure that the pixels are Billboard USB-I2C MFG stuck 5. Results are sent to the board if recalibration is required Monitoring Monitoring has two roles. Firstly to inform the user that the actual advert is displayed, secondly that the user can monitor remotely if the displayed image is the required quality.

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