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It has a neat little way for organizing your cord to not only to lessen the mess of wires in your laptop bag, but to appear more organized and professional in those important meetings. Their design is a very simple idea. The mouse A4Tech NB-25D notched for the USB plug to fit in. I bet a bunch of companies are singing that tune too. Ok, now we can get to the cool stuff.

I have in front of me and using at this moment the battery free cordless optical mouse. Thank you Britannica. Induction of an electromotive force in a circuit by varying the magnetic flux linked with A4Tech NB-25D circuit. There is some controversy out there about electromagnetic fields and health issues.


Just by the shear definition of the term Electromagnetic Induction one can discover that there is a magnetic field A4Tech NB-25D. Some of the controversy relates to the biological affects that these fields have on the body.

Download 驱动程序 for Mouse A4Tech (双飞燕) NB-25D Windows ME

From affecting melatonin, hormone secreted by the pineal gland that influences the sleep-wake cycle by acting according to the day-night A4Tech NB-25D, to inducing electric currents and fields in living tissues. Two things that are perenially under scrutiny for this are cell phones and power lines.

Asrock 775V88A4Tech – NB-30 – Battery Free Wireless Optical Mouse & The Easy Go Optical Mouse
Sony Vaio VPCEA21FXT Hitachi ODDA4Tech's NB-30 seems the ideal mouse, no cord, and no batteries either
Hp deskjet 970

Just remember here that the key word in this paragraph is controversy. I removed about 75 sheets and guess what… I was mouse-ing around like a drooling fool.

A4Tech Maus NB-25D Mini mice RF Wireless Optical 800 DPI Battery-Free Mouse + pad

What was the first thing I thought when I received this mouse? Take it apart!

Got my screwdriver, got my mouse, got Mountain Dew, and got a yearning to see how this thing works. The mouse seems relatively like other mice with one exception. There is a ring of copper around the perimeter A4Tech NB-25D the mouse. Flip the mouse over, and it is nothing flattering, pretty standard. I tried to get some details on the optics of this and the only info I found is on a site that is selling this mouse. It lists it as having a cpi sensor. That is better than most mice out there; including the Microsoft mouse I use everyday. Does that mean that it is better? The mouse is accurate and responds fine in gaming and everyday activities.

The mouse pad is both attractive and unobtrusive.

Download 驱动程序 for Mouse A4Tech (双飞燕) NBD Windows ME

The cord provided with this is of ample length. My only complaint of this pad is the size. While it is small enough to travel with, I feel it would be better served A4Tech NB-25D a bit larger. We recommend that you save it on your A4Tech NB-25D, so it will be easy to find.

If you forgot to do this part, your driver may not be able to A4Tech NB-25D correctly and successfully later - After the previous driver has been removed, open the downloaded file. This means you have installed the driver successfully.


About Mouse Drivers: If an appropriate mouse software is applied, systems will have the ability to properly recognize and make use of all the A4Tech NB-25D features. This will also allow users to configure any additional buttons. Wireless optical wheel-mouse; No Battery Required - (worldwide A4Tech patent) so your work is never unexpectedly interrupted to change or recharge the. A4Tech's NB seems the ideal mouse, no cord, and no batteries either.

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