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There was no significant difference between HS and placebo groups with respect to progress of the cancer or survival rate of the patients. The HS treated group did show increased appetite and some weight gain. Again HS seemed to induce a state of euphoria in patients which caused them to believe that they were being cured. Because of modest neurotoxicity of HS, Cheblowski felt that it would not be a good candidate for use in long-term treatment until appropriate trials for safety were run. Cheblowski concluded, "Considering all patients, survival was slightly greater for the HS treated group compared with the placebo group, but the differences did not achieve statistical significance.

In Junethree papers [] described the effects of adding HS to the chemotherapeutic regimens of patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer and leukemia, advanced colorectal cancer, and with newly diagnosed non-small-cell lung cancer. All three placebo-controlled double-blinded clinical trials A4Tech RP-1529 Mouse results leading authors to conclude: Gold's cancer drug, a drug our own government seems determined to destroy. Petrov Research Institute of Oncology in St.


Petersburg, Russia, where Gershanovich and Filov, two long-time proponents of HS use in cancer, worked. The Russians told A4Tech RP-1529 Mouse that they had treated cancer patients with HS and cured them. In this same article, Kamen cited the testimonial of one Dr. She is quoted as saying that after the surgical removal of most of her tumor a glioblastoma multiforme Grade IVher local physician told her that her cancer was A4Tech RP-1529 Mouse She took HS, and the tumor has not returned. Daniloff is quoted as saying, "I have read studies that show clear evidence of HS as a chemotherapeutic agent.

HS alone has been shown to reduce the size of numerous tumors. No publications were found that offer that evidence. A call was placed to the Department of Veterinary Medicine on January 2,to A4Tech RP-1529 Mouse request those references from Dr. The personnel department and the secretary of the Department of Veterinary Medicine both stated they had no record of such a person on their staff. Kamen ended his article by announcing that as a result of pressure from Congress, the GAO agreed to investigate the NCI's conduct regarding clinical trials cited above. In Septemberthe GAO concluded that the three large randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials that were sponsored by NCI were correctly done and that A4Tech RP-1529 Mouse conclusion that HS was ineffective in extending survival in cancer patients were also valid. In British medical scientists published two extensive reviews on the subject of cancer cachexia.


Instead of undergoing recommended medical treatment, he obtained hydrazine sulfate through a Web site and, for four months, followed the regimen published on the kathykeeton. Two weeks later, he was hospitalized with signs of kidney and liver failure. A4Tech RP-1529 Mouse intensive hospital care, he died within a week [33,34]. Summary and Conclusions My review of all the literature including Gold's on the subject of the efficacy of hydrazine sulphate shows: HS has never been shown to act as an anticancer agent Patients do not experience remissions or regressions of their cancer due to HS treatment Patients treated with HS do not live longer than nontreated patients.

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Although HS may correct abnormal carbohydrate metabolism in some cancer patients, the rationale that it acts as an anticancer agent because it deprives cancers of their energy by inhibiting formation A4Tech RP-1529 Mouse glucose from lactic acid gluconeogenesis is erroneous. HS has not been shown to be an effective anticancer agent.

HS is not risk-free. About the Author Dr. Green was a biochemist who did cancer research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for 23 years. He consulted on scientific methodology and had a special interest in A4Tech RP-1529 Mouse methods. References Rohdenherg GL.

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Brown et al. Biochem Biophys Res Comm. Gold J. World's most popular driver download site.

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