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For example, the terminal numbered 01 in Figure 5f is connected to the correspondingly numbered terminal in Figure 5g. USART Toshiba Satellite C5x-B HDLC-formatted serial forward data received from head end 12 into parallel data for processing by the remainder of digital unit USART also converts parallel reverse data generated by other elements in digital unit 55 into HDLC-formatted serial data for transmission back to head end This signal is used to alert microprocessor to the occurrence of an important event in USART e.


The TXC input signal of gate array is a clock signal produced by microproces-sor to control the rate at which reverse data is transmitted back to head end The source of the RD and WR signals is microprocessor These sig-nals respectively cause other devices in digital unit 55 to output data so that microprocessor can read it, or cause other devices in digital unit 55 to input data from microprocessor Gate array is shown in detail in Figures 5k-5s. In Figure 5k, reference number denotes a typical input buffer; reference number denotes a typical AND gate; reference number denotes a typical NAND gate; reference number denotes a typical J-K flip-flop; reference number denotes a typical D-type flip-flop; reference number denotes a typical OR gate; and reference number denotes a typical output buffer.

In Fi-gure 5s, reference number denotes a typical latch. The following Table B correlates the gate array pin numbers shown in Figure 5c with the lead labels used in Figures 5K-5s: The detailed opera-tion of the gate array circuits shown in Toshiba Satellite C5x-B 5k-5s will be readily apparent to those skilled in the art from the circuits themselves and from the preceding and following functional description of gate array in relation to the other components of digital unit The data bus dis-tributes data among USARTmicroprocessorlatches andmultiplexers andmicro-computerand memory unit The TOOUT output signal of micro-processor is a timer signal which controls the rate at which forward and reverse data are transmitted.

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The T00UT output signal Toshiba Satellite C5x-B micropro-cessor is described above. The BHE byte high enable output signal of microprocessor is used to allow the bit data bus to be used as an 8-bit data bus.


The operating frequency of microprocessor is estab-lished in the usual way by the circuit including crystal and capacitors and Toshiba Satellite C5x-B AC power is restored following a power interruption, power de-tect circuit holds microprocessor in the Toshiba Satellite C5x-B condition until sufficient time has elapsed to allow the microprocessor to re-initialize itself properly. For this purpose, the output signal of power detect circuit is connected to the RESET "RES" terminal of microprocessor in parallel with capacitor Latches and are used to store ad-dress signal information produced by microprocessor at terminals AD0-AD15 while associated data sig-nals are transmitted or received via those same mi-croprocessor terminals.

The lQ-8Q output leads of latches and collectively comprise an address bus which is connected to memory unit The OC terminals of both latches are con-nected to ground. Multiplexers and act as an inter-face between 16 manually positioned Toshiba Satellite C5x-Bwhich specify the address of the ECU, and micropro-cessor to enable the information represented by switches to be read by the microprocessor in two successive 8-bit bytes.

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The multiplexers are Toshiba Satellite C5x-B or stepped by the signal applied to their OC terminals from gate array Micro-computer is connected to the data bus via its D0-D7 leads. The A0 lead is connected to the SEL input terminals of mul-tiplexers and The P25, P24, and CS leads are connected directly to microprocessor as men-tioned above. The RD lead is also connected to memory unit 55b.

Microcomputer receives VLF data from communication unit 56 via its T0 lead. The P16 lead is not used. As mentioned above, each of these signals indicates whether or not the associated subscriber is supplying his or her share of the total AC power required for operation of the ECU. The signals on the PP52 leads are also applied to communication unit 56 where they Toshiba Satellite C5x-B used to control multiplexer which selects the SPU that is to send or receive VLF data. Switches and allow the ECUs in the system to be grouped in up to four different addressable banks. Back-up power supply operates during a total AC power failure to prevent loss of data in an essential portion of memory unit 55b, i.

A back-up power supply includes conventional hex inverting bufferre-sistorscapacitorsdiodeand inductor The back-up pow-er is actually derived from capacitor Toshiba Satellite C5x-B is a relatively large storage capacitor. Memory unit 55b includes two conventional 16K-byte read only memories "ROMs" and which store the operating program instructions for microprocessor Each of ROMs and may be Intel part numberor an equivalent device. Memory unit 55b also includes six conventional 8K-byte random access memories "RAMs" which store the data needed for control of the ECU. The connection of the various elements of memory unit 55b to the remainder of digital unit 55, as well as the inter-connection of the memory unit elements, is entirely conventional and will be readily apparent to those skilled in the art.

RAMs and are the memory unit elements energized by back-up power supply in the event of an AC power outage as described above. Figure 6 shows common power unit 60 in greater detail. Switching power supply includes a step-down transformer for producing as an output three AC power sig-nals. These AC power signals are each half-wave rectified by rectifying diodes, andrespectively.

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The outputs of diodes, and are smoothed and filtered by capacitances, and and inductances, and Voltage regulator circuits, and regulate the voltage appearing at their inputs to DC voltage levels of Toshiba Satellite C5x-B volts, 12 volts, and 5 volts, respectively. These output voltages are each further filtered by output capacitors, and A fourth regulated output of 5. BIOS version for Satellite C5x-B (PSCLGx/PSCLLx) Added: New WLAN card support for the Toshiba America region. Version BIOS version for Satellite C5x-C/L5x-C/S5x-C models While the Toshiba Satellite C5x-B logo is displayed, press the F2 function key to start BIOS  Missing: B.

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