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Simple napkin power math calculation helps to understand available power budget easy: Now we can also estimate power loss on conversion.

At output current A regulator will have 55 A per phase, which cause 9 W of power loss per phase. Such power level mandate active airflow.

Such math applies to motherboard, graphic card VRMs and even ATX power supplies, if all used component specifications are known. Good airflow over the board is highly recommended for optimal performance with higher power levels. Following the guide can help you achieve best results with this extreme overclocking product. EVGA GTX 980 Classified EVBot guides can be used as reference as well, the overall concept and application remain the same. Modern graphics card VRM solutions become much better over last few years, and totally sufficient for normal use, gaming, even overclocking on water-cooling.

EVGA announces new GTX Ti Classified ACX +

Good idea to have two return wires for every power wire. This is why you always have two contacts in your home mains power outlet, not one, but two for simplicity, earth terminal is omitted, it carries electric current only in critical failure condition. Do not do stuff you don't understand completely.

Practice on something easy and cheap before starting complex things, and practice first on low-end old graphic cards, which you don't care much about. Once you have solid skills to apply all required mods, proceed with higher end equipment with better skillset.

Baixe grátis EVGA GTX Classified EVBot Firmware Para Windows Motoristas

So lots of headache with long wires is a guarantee. This is why all power connection on VGA, Motherboards, CPU boards whatever are made with solid copper planes, to have shortest path possible for all those large currents.


This rule also suggests to connect wires as close to load as possible. Usually nearest comfortable spot to connect is original VRM choke contact, from load side. You will anyway have to desolder chokes, so you already have nice solder point to start with there anyway.

EVGA GTX 980 Classified EVBot Firmware

Remember, electronics is a science about contacts. Recheck and check every step of the process as you progress to get successful results. Never power up anything until it is fully checked every component and every connection.

Remembering that you have only one GPU to blow up in case something goes haywire may help. I found them to work best than heavy gauge wires, because they are not flexible and less troublesome to keep in fixed position.


However, they have large thermal mass, and need high power soldering iron, at least W. Also copper plates after shaping can be reused for multiple cards.

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Also no burning wire insulation and nasty smoke from plates, which is better for overclockers health. Suggest to perform all modifications with good bright lights, so you can see clearly what is going on.

Some additional gear, like pliers, magnifying glass, set of wires could be useful on various steps. Taking few photos during the process may help later to showcase the result in your benchmark submissions.

EVGA's GeForce GTX 680 Classified, Water Cooling Optional

One can buy these copper sheets at local PC cooling parts shop, but pretty sure those are not hard to get all over the world in some metalwork shops, etc. Thick copper foil 0. When carving copper plane shapes, ensure the plane shapes are reasonably square in shape. Avoid having a long and narrow plane shape because this limits the current flow and increases plane parasitic inductance and loss. It's easy to locate power regulation EVGA GTX 980 Classified EVBot on the videocard. Short and wide connection allow better voltage regulation and stability. It's easy to spot one by location of big high-power inductors, which look like gray rectangles with two massive contacts. At this point you can also check how much space is required for your GPU cooling solution. It would be a sad moment, if all the work done only to find out 2 mm interference with the LN2 container preventing setup from assembly.

The GTX version has the usual EVBot interface that enables overvolting past Nvidia's recommended specifications, which is particularly. The EVGA EVBot is a useful tool for tweakers and overclockers to maximize their For EVGA GTX Classified and X58 Motherboards: P03; For EVGA X58 FTW3 For EVGA Classified Graphics: P28; For EVGA GTX Classified: P

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