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Seemed more natural to me. Although I set it, I dont know what the palmdetect option does?! Another section I modified in synaptics.

Inside the Intel RealSense Gesture Camera

Alala, what a nightmare in the begining when I couldnt click Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga STMicro Sensor eveytime I tapped the cursor would slip a few pixels from my target!! This option is only interpreted by clickpads. At last, a few things arent working still. I haven't managed to get it working so far. On my system, systemd had it disabled by default; one can check that with "systemctl list-unit-files"; and then enable acpid at next reboot with "systemctl enable acpid".

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Once an event is matched, the corresponding action script is run Ok, but then, X programs such as xinput won't be run in our action scripts, because "root" is not allowed to connect to X by default since it doesn't Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga STMicro Sensor a. Xauthority file in its home folder Long story short, add the following exports at the beginning of your scripts and it will work, here is your script amended Mike: Any news on the STMicro sensor-hub?

D djahma January 12th, It worked right away with the touchscreen but not with the touchpad. So I had to install xfinput-synaptics-mtpatch to make it work.

Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga Kubuntu

Unfortunately, touchegg made the touchpad way too sensitive, it was unusable, and also, only 2 touches were recognised instead of 3 before that. So I returned to xfinput-synaptics driver so that touchegg could only work with the touchscreen, and leave synaptics handle the touchpad. From touchegg wiki Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga STMicro Sensor can see the possibilities.


It can handle up to 5 touches and trigger key combinations on any gesture pinch is difficult to use though. Using kwin, I naturally associated gestures for the desktop grid and cube.

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga

It's just great navigation among windows and desktops in tablet mode now. Also scrolling Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga STMicro Sensor difficult before touchegg, I had to install an addon in firefox for example, but not any more, it scrolls everywhere! Our Thinkpad Yoga is a great machine to use this program. So today I jumped into a new dimension: I kind of gave up on implementing gestures on the touchpad due to the tech problems with the programs I tried xswipe, easystroke, toucheggbut I am open to suggestions;- tthorb January 14th, Most of the behaviour are very nice out of the box. Thanks for a nice thread Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga STMicro Sensor I have added a file for setting click behavour in xorg.

I used the settings from here: This is working, but on light pressure in inkscape and krita, the lines thickness gets wiggly. I have played with PressureCurve, Threshold, RawSample and Suppress through synclient, but have not found a good solution. In xournal, the pressure sensitivity works well out of the box.


For plasma widgets, multitouch works out of the box. But for adding multitouch behavour to kwin windows, the only solution I found was using touchegg.

Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga Kubuntu [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums

This seem to be working fine, but the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga STMicro Sensor of kwin windows are lagging when using this. I have not looked deep into this matter, but I look forward to a solution for auto-rotation of the screen. ST Microelectronics Key Features: Up to Intel Core i7 Processor - Graphics: If it has been installed, updating overwrite-installing may fix problems, add new functions, or expand existing ones.

The reflected IR light is projected onto the scene. The light reflected back from the object is captured and analyzed for 3D imaging and gesture applications.

The paper concerned the effects of fluid Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga STMicro Sensor by ambient air on the out-of-plane resonant oscillation of the mirror. The Intel RealSense represents a significant departure for Intel from the core business of advance CMOS technology and also demonstrates an unusual partnership between these two major international semiconductor manufacturers. The primary application of the VL is the replacement of existing proximity detection technology. DownloadsSTMicro Sensor hub Driver for Microsoft Windows 7 (bit) - ThinkPad Yoga EXE; Operating System. Windows 7 (bit). Version/ STMicro Sensor hub Driver for Windows 7 (bit, bit) - ThinkPad Yoga

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