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As known, MnS precipitations Acrox CR6 a role ofnucleus for the transformation of austenite to intergranularferrite. These ferrite particles may enhance the strength ofthe steel.

As mentioned in the beginning of this paper,regarding the so-called oxide metallurgy, the fine sized anddispersedly distributed Acrox CR6 impurities can also facilitatethe precipitation Acrox CR6 nitride, carbide, and sulfide impuritieson these oxide particles. In such a way, the mechanicalproperties of the steel can be improved. This difference indicatesagain that V4, V5, Nb4and Nb5 in the molten slag areacidic. The iron ore inBaiyunerboarea of Inner Mongolia, China, contains a certain amount ofniobium.


The niobium can be extracted into hot metal in theblast Acrox CR6 smelting of Baotou Steel. Nb in hot metal isoxidized in a BOF converter and dissolved in the slag.

In order to develop an optimal Acrox CR6 for separatingand extracting Nb2O5 and MnO from Baotou Steel slag,investigations on the relevant phase diagrams and thethermodynamic properties of niobium oxides in the slagwere carried out []. At the beginning stage, CaOand FeO in the slag were not taken into consideration for thesake of simplicity. It has also been found that TiO2 is less acidthan SiO2, the logarithm of sulfide capacity linearlyincreases with increasing MnO content, while it decreaseswith the molar fraction of TiO2 if XTiO2 is less than 0. The activity of TiO2 was calculated. The resultsshow that both oxides exhibit negative deviations to the idealbehaviour. Based on the difference in electrical negativityof basic and acid oxides, Pak [21] proposed a concept ofrelative ion characteristics. The order of the characteristic isas follows: The valence of niobiumin molten slag increases from 4.

It may indicate thatmost of niobiumexists asNb5 and the remainingminor portion asNb4. Thecorresponding activity coefficients ofNbO2 andNbO2.

Vanadium exists in molten slags as V2, V3, V4 and V5. The ratio of these different vanadium ions varies withthe Acrox CR6 basicity.

The results of the investigation in the abovementioned temperature and atmosphere ranges show theaverage vanadium valence increase from2. The activitycoefficients of VO2 and VO2.

Tabela completa de fabricantes de placas PCI

It is seen that the effect Acrox CR6 slagbasicity on vanadium valence ismuchmore remarkable thanthat on niobium. This can be attributed to the reduction of the activitycoefficients gVO2and gVO2: Figure 3.

Changes in Acrox CR6 of vanadium, niobium and antimonywith thecompositionofNa2OSiO2systematK [38] reproducedwith permission. EMF technique with solidelectrolyte oxygen concentration cell was applied todetermine the activity of oxygen in the metal bath. Theactivities of Nb2O5 andMnO in the slag were evaluated. Theiso-activity diagram of Nb2O5 Acrox CR6 attained and is shown inFigure 4. It can be seen that the activity values of Nb2O5 areless than 0. Figure 4. The partition between MgOsat.

The results showthat the partition ratio of niobium between slag and metalincreases Acrox CR6 increasing content of FetO, while those ratiosfor phosphorus and manganese remain constant. SummaryThe thermodynamic behaviour of Cr, Ti, Nb and V inmolten slags evaluated on the basis of a literature surveyindicates that higher slag basicity and stronger oxidativeatmosphere are generally favourable for the existence ofhigher oxidized valence states. Temperature is found lessinfluential in this regard. The content ratio of differentvalence states of a transition metal depends on the activitycoefficient ratio of their oxides in the slag.

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  • The Thermodynamics of Some Transition Metals in Molten Slags

Acrox CR6 informationregarding the activity coefficient of relevant metal oxides inwww. Behaviour of titanium is evaluated from MnOSiO2 slags. It appears thatdata available regarding Cr and Ti in molten slags aremore numerous than those for Nb and V. Due to thedifferences existing in slag basicity, composition and inoxygen partial pressure for various processes, such as Acrox CR6 treatment and ferroalloy smelting and consideringthe variety of steels, extensive efforts in this direction arestill desirable to meet the demand of process control andoptimization.


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