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What Logitech should have done is release some sort of LMS appliance so they could sell a turnkey server and stick with genuinely slim players. If they couldn't even figure out how to do Logitech SqueezeboxTransporter, they could have bought Vortexbox for much less than they paid for Slim Devices. Logitech SqueezeboxTransporter something would still be alive, but it wouldn't be much like the Squeezebox system we know and love. Every musical selection had additional air and extra shimmer on flutes, cymbals, and even female vocals.

Although the Meridian combo was more musical primarily due to its richer midrange, Logitech SqueezeboxTransporter was also harmonically warmer and darker and rhythmically slower. Think fudge compared to white chocolate. Through the Transporter the higher-resolution versions of the same music had more life, better micro-dynamics, and greater dimensionality.


Since it can be used in more than one way—as a music server, DAC, or stand-alone digital preamp, many users may employ it in a way that prevents it from sounding Logitech SqueezeboxTransporter best. Audiophiles who want to extract maximum performance from a Transporter should use it Logitech SqueezeboxTransporter conjunction with an analog preamp to control its output levels. Combined with a Music Vault II the Transporter can form an ergonomically elegant portal into the world of digital music. It is the only high-end two-channel DAC that can do so much for so little money.


Mac OS X Page 1 Page 2 Network music players have become truly ubiquitous. The market has a vast variety of network music players to choose from and many of the newer surround processors now have the ability to stream music across a computer network. The majority of these network Logitech SqueezeboxTransporter players focus on playing a variety of files, yet unfortunately many ignore the issue of sound quality.


The Transporter's focus on exceptional audio performance makes it stand out in this Logitech SqueezeboxTransporter field, especially at its price. Like other Squeezebox products in the Logitech SqueezeboxTransporter line, the Transporter can connect to your home network via an Ethernet or WiFi connection and utilizes Logitech's SqueezeCenter software to organize and stream music files. Internally, the Transporter, like the SB3 before it, carefully manages clock signals and employs special crystal oscillators and multiple stages of "super" power regulation, based on Walt Jung's designs.

Ethernet and RS inputs are also included. Analog and digital signal paths are kept separate.

The balanced output remains consistent, but volume can be controlled through the single-ended outputs using Logitech SqueezeboxTransporter combination of digital attenuation and a set of resistor jumpers mounted on the circuit board: You set the approximate maximum volume with the jumpers and fine-tune with the digital attenuation. If you don't need to tweak it much with the digital control, you should be able to vary the volume without significant data loss. Because I was using the Transporter with Logitech SqueezeboxTransporter high-end preamps, I kept the digital attenuation off during my audition, but it's there if you need it.

TESTED: Logitech Transporter Network Music Player

One of the slickest features of the Transporter is its huge, two-part display, which is nigh on infinitely configurable. I generally used Logitech SqueezeboxTransporter left side to monitor whatever data were playing, and dedicated the right side to the nifty faux-analog VU meters to monitor the output. It was cool, if perhaps a little pointless.

On the other hand, I had no need to scroll RSS feeds, weather data, sports scores, or other information Logitech SqueezeboxTransporter the display, so some harmless retro-visuals certainly didn't hurt. Smack dab in the middle of the front panel is a large control knob, the TransNav, which employs dynamic tactile feedback to rapidly scroll through and choose from tons of information, including even the longest playlist.

Slim Devices Transporter network music player

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