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This week, we have a handful of newcomers that may be worthy of note. The is sleekly elegant, while the has more of a butch look, like so: They call it "thin" and "light," but such terms are pretty much relative.


Unfortunately when running games at high settings the fans kicked in to keep this laptop from overheating. It seems as though Eurocom has once again managed to impress me with the Eurocom Electra 3.

Eurocom Electra 2

With most manufacturers trying to get the thinnest, lightest machines they can EUROCOM Electra 2 NVIDIA Graphics to shelves, Eurocom is favoring power with this Laptop. At a glance, the laptop is nothing to write home about. Maximum SSD capacity is 2 TB, and it's possible to shoehorn 3 TB in here It's possible to save a lot of money, especially on the Precision, by buying minimal storage and adding your own. Big laptops in the lb range.

Today, the big beasts buy some extra CPU power, radically increased storage capacity and, in one case, an unusual blend of storage optionshigh-resolution matte screens, 32 GB RAM capacity with 4 slots and better keyboards than their smaller siblings. Workstations also tend to offer a huge range of ports, including the rapidly EUROCOM Electra 2 NVIDIA Graphics wired gigabit Ethernet which is still the fastest way of getting large photos to the cloud, if your back end connection can handle it. Gaming machines gain graphics power compared to the workstations, but lose build and keyboard quality as well as storage flexibility.

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The workstation graphics cards are not based on the latest gaming cards tending to be a generation behindand workstation EUROCOM Electra 2 NVIDIA Graphics are too concerned about reliability to shoehorn the very highest power cards into a machine this size while a gaming laptop in the same size and weight range might very well have a higher power card. On the other hand, workstation cards tend to perform well at real work, because their drivers are written differently from the gaming cards.

CPU and graphics options are basically the same as the rest of this group, ranging from an Intel MQ up to the massively overpriced MX. Storage options include a short m. The disadvantages include some concerns about build quality and a relatively low-resolution x maximum display that counts as very high resolution unless your competition offer x and 4k displays! The port selection is excellent in any other company, but the fact that two of the four USB ports are garden-variety USB 2. VGA ports are standard on these workstations, due to old projectors in a lot of business environments — but having a couple of better options is nice, and the Lenovo provides only one.

They DO include a Thunderbolt port, which allows very high speed drive connections. The highest resolution display is x, EUROCOM Electra 2 NVIDIA Graphics reviews indicate that it has slightly better gamut than the Lenovo, but it is not self-calibrating. Other than build quality that all reviews agree is extremely high HP reps like to demonstrate by dropping it and then standing on it!

Unfortunately, the USB ports are scattered around the machine, which is annoying when trying to use peripherals that plug into an extra USB port for power. At close to 7 lbs, this is a big, heavy machine.

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Most options are similar to the slightly lighter HP and significantly lighter Lenovo. Thunderbolt is theoretically a much better port — it does everything eSATA does and more, with higher bandwidth, BUT Thunderbolt peripherals beyond drives are hard to find, and some are Mac only.


It's asymmetrical metal shrouds, also known hopefully as heat spreaders. The Fury lineup replaces the HyperX blu memory line, which apparently couldn't cut it without the "e.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX M, M or M upgrade installation in the EUROCOM X3

Thanks a lifetime warranty, HyperX's Fury is guaranteed to burn for ages. Audio System: Sound Blaster Cinema; High Definition Audio; 2 built-in speakers and Discrete GPU (dGPU) with NVIDIA Optimus Technology: on-board / fixed  Optical Drive‎: ‎internal Blu Ray Burner or DVD. VGA Technology: on-board NVIDIA GTX M (Maxwell); EUROCOM Electra 2 NVIDIA Graphics of DDR3 iMX Processor Extreme Edition with HD Graphics

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