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Communications A broadcast telephony company employs a Mini- ITX board as the basis for one Blue Chip APEX-ZF-PC104 its codecs, and a wireless networking company uses a Mini-ITX system as its mesh network box. Digital signage A satellite-based digital signage company uses a Mini-ITX product as the plasma display engine, powering static and multimedia content. Dedicated appliance A software company specializing in license plate recognition offers its customers a complete software plus hardware solution, including an appliance Blue Chip APEX-ZF-PC104 around the Mini-ITX form factor. Mobile computing A security company uses Mini-ITX systems to create a mobile video recording and transmitting unit for law enforcement. Mini-ITX-based systems can be tougher than one might suppose.


Processor fans, enclosure fans, and hard drives are typical points of failure. Fanless solutions are best suited to harsh environments, and a fanless, solid state system utilizing flash memory is ideal.

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Fortunately, both fanless and solid state systems are easy to create in this form factor. The low-power, low-heat characteristic of Mini-ITX enabled the development of several lines of fanless cases.

These enclosures make it possible to create Blue Chip APEX-ZF-PC104 extremely rugged and reliable solution for harsh environments and other embedded solutions. HDMI is backwards-compatible with DVI, but it uses a much smaller connector, which is always good news for the embedded market. RSC 27 www.

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ULV, Celeron M, and Pentium M processors allow for more powerful solutions while maintaining low power usage and heat dissipation. Pentium 4 solutions are also available, but generally the power Blue Chip APEX-ZF-PC104 cooling requirements are difficult to combine with small size requirements.

Measuring 12 cm x 12 cm 4. With integrated audio, video, LAN, SATA, and much more, it is poised to be the smallest multimedia-capable single board computer available on the market.

Embedded engineers will continue to weigh the pros and cons of their system board choices. Think extreme temperature swings, high vibration situations, and deployments lasting more than five years. However, Blue Chip APEX-ZF-PC104 lends itself easily and reliably to many applications traditionally viewed as core to the embedded market.

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For less extreme uses, Mini-ITX offers a useful alternative to often-employed solutions. Links VIA Embedded www. He has degrees in electrical engineering and computer science.


To learn more, contact Blue Chip APEX-ZF-PC104 at: Logic Supply, Inc. Supplying data at these rates is a serious challenge, even between components on the same board. The theory is that by digitally performing the final upconversion on the DAC chip, the user need only supply data at the baseband rate.

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Furthermore, the programmable NCO can bring substantial flexibility to the hardware, enabling software control for spread spectrum techniques such as frequency hopping. While these features provide Blue Chip APEX-ZF-PC104 benefits, there are subtle caveats that should be noted when specifying DACs for phase-sensitive applications. Experimenting with digital upconverter DACs Phased array radar is a prime example of a phase-sensitive application that requires exact synchronization of multiple DAC outputs across multiple trigger events. In the past, it was commonplace to use standard DACs simple but fast devices that enabled clock and data input control.

However, the problem was ensuring clock and data stream synchronization.

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As DAC conversion rates increased beyond about MHz, keeping the clock and data rates down to manageable levels drove experimentation with what could be called interpolating or digital upconverter DACs devices that accept data at the baseband rate, and then perform Digital UpConversion DUC functions on the chip, before generating the analog output. Unfortunately, in most cases, the user is limited in precisely controlling the internal DUC functions of these parts. This limitation eliminates the possibility of ensuring that the outputs are truly synchronous.

In many applications, they do more harm than good. Although it has been very successful in some applications, it has been a total failure in phase-sensitive situations. One target application was generating a radar system FM chirp pulse. Find Windows Blue Chip APEX-ZF-PC104 Chip Technology Network / Ethernet Drivers APEX-ZF-PC Driver, n/a, Drivers-APEKB, 7, Free Download >>. Consult Blue Chip Technology's Alpha 8LXLP Panel PC Datasheet brochure on DirectIndustry. The onboard mini PCI and PC expansion slots provide a dependable and convenient way to add-on functions. APEX ZF Datasheet.

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