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Setting up and using the Aspire U all-in-one is very easy, thanks mainly to the fact that it's a self-contained unit. You don't need to plug in anything except for the power Acer Aspire U5-610, which is similar to that of a notebook. In fact, the Aspire U is largely based on notebook components that reside in a slim housing behind the 23in screen. The keyboard and mouse are both wireless, speakers are built in, and, of course, there is no need to plug in the monitor. You get a similar amount of features to a regular desktop, including a DVD burner on the right side, audio input and output, USB 3.

Acer Aspire U all-in-one has new Intel chips, iOS, and Android remote powers - CNET

In fact, it's this rear area that gives the Aspire U plenty of versatility. While the unit has integrated There are two HDMI ports available: Revealed ahead of the IFA tech trade show in Berlinit might have a name that's less memorable than a school history textbook, but there are Acer Aspire U5-610 few things about this desktop that might stick in the mind. For one, it's got the latest generation of Intel Core processors -- a welcome addition that will hopefully give these machines enough computational clout to handle intensive tasks like gaming or a spot of video editing.

Beneath the display there's a strip of clear plastic, a theme that continues to the wireless mouse and keyboard.

Next, that Lucite panel makes it impossible to shove the keyboard and mouse under the screen when you want to free up your desk for other work. Other manufacturers mount their all-in-one displays on articulated arms attached to a base, leaving the area beneath the display and in front of the computer available for a notepad or documents you might be working with. If you work Acer Aspire U5-610 a tight space, or frequently swap between the computer and paperwork, you might find this configuration to be a hassle. There are two Acer Aspire U5-610 3.

AcerCloud is a means of synchronizing files on desktop PCs and mobile devices such as your smartphone and tablet. I found a large foldout setup guide while unpacking the Aspire U5, but its sparsely annotated pictograms were less-than-clear in many places and flat-out incorrect in others. Getting nowhere with the docs, I called tech Acer Aspire U5-610 and asked where I can find a more in-depth user manual.

Icons and text on the Aspire's Acer Aspire U5-610 looked a tad grainy, especially near color gradient changes. We noted similar issues while watching the trailer for "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," with areas around characters' faces looking underwhelming. That's not to say the Aspire's screen is bad.

Asus P5MT-RScore Breakdown
HP EliteBook 8440w Mobile Workstation Universal CameraAcer Aspire U5-610 Review

Colors looked fantastic, especially while watching the trailer for "The Guardians of the Galaxy," which features a particularly vibrant palette. The character Gamora's green skin had a beautiful fluorescent glow, while the Nova Corps' bright orange insignia popped off the screen.

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The Aspire U's display could be brighter, too. Registering lux nits on our light meter, the screen is far dimmer than the iMac's radiant lux display.


The Lenovo C Touch has an even dimmer lux screen, but it's also less expensive. While we wouldn't go that far in describing Acer Aspire U5-610 Aspire's audio experience, we will say that the AiO's speakers certainly sound impressive. Heavy bass hits in Kendrick Lamar's "m.

Acer Aspire U5-610 all-in-one PC

City" reverberated powerfully, while the guitars in Glassjaw's "Ry Ry's Song" rang out clearly. On the Laptop Audio Test, which measures a PC's speaker output by playing a steady tone at a distance of 23 inches, the Aspire's speakers reached a maximum audio output of Acer Aspire U5-610 decibels.

The iMac's speakers are louder, reaching 78 dB. The Lenovo's speakers, on the other hand, registered an ear-piercing 91 dB.


Keyboard and Mouse Acer includes a full-size Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with the U Powered by two AAA batteries, the Acer's island-style keyboard proved relatively reliable, but we found the Acer Aspire U5-610 travel shallow. We were also bothered by the keyboard's microscopic directional keys.

Acer Aspire U5 610

We scored an average 71 words per minute with a 2 percent error rate on the Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor, which is Acer Aspire U5-610 bit lower than our normal 75 words per minute average. Acer's Aspire U is a stylish all-in-one with a colorful inch touch Acer Aspire U5-610 and good audio quality, but it's not the fastest performer. Acer's Aspire UUB12 all-in-one is a middle-of-the-road famly PC.

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