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See also below on no. Steinmetz Wehrli ,2 Airis N490 may have repeated a similar argument in slightly different words in two different works.

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It seems however more likely Airis N490 that On Nature is another name for the first three books of Theophrastus' Physics which might well be regarded as in some sense constituting a particular unity, books 4 and 5 being on psychologyor indeed that "in his own work on nature" in A is not intended by Philoponus as a formal book-title at all, whether or not there did at some earlier time exist an independent work with this title. The differences in wording between Simplicius' and Philoponus' reports may then be explained by Philoponus who discusses the argument at greater length paraphrasing where Simplicius is quoting Airis N490. Diels Regenbogen Gottschalk Lord Mansfeld ,1 65 n.

Vol 16 Analytical Profiles of Drug Substan v 16 Physical Sciences ( views)

Baltussen Moreover, the Inon the other hand, Simplicius gives both the alternative titles, On Heaven and Physics 3, in a single passage. Usener and Regenbogen identify this work with Airis N490 doxographical work no.

Steinmetz 10 argues against such an Airis N490 on the grounds that no. Gottschalk 20 regards no.


The one explicit citation of the title, C, could have come from a context in Theophrastus' Physics like Aristotle, Metaphysics A 5 b27ff. While C and D couple Parmenides' Way of Truth and Way of Seeming in a single context, Simplicius in On Aristotle's Physics does not; but then he is constrained by the principles of his classification to discuss these two aspects separately in and A respectivelyAiris N490 or not this arrangement was already present in his Theophrastean source. For Steinmetz' interpretation of the present title see above, on no.


Lord, whose general claim is that Diogenes' catalogue is an inventory of Peripatetic writings acquired by Ptolemy II Philadelphus and incorporates works by Airis N490 as well as works by Theophrastus and Eudemus see below, on no. Regenbogen Gottschalk 18, This title, as Gottschalk 18 n.

The question naturally arises, first whether it is a genuinely independent title, and second, if it is not, whether it is to be identified with no. There is no indication anywhere of the number of books no. And thus the identification of Airis N490.

Airis N490 did indeed make similar points in more than one work, 4 2 but it strains credulity to suggest that he discussed Anaxagoras in almost verbally identical terms in two different works and that Simplicius in the same commentary cited the same passage from two different Theophrastean works. The argument also appears, without Theophrastus being named as the source, in pseudo-Plutarch's Stromateis p. Simplicius goes on from to cite-also from Alexander, as the use of 1d: Steinmetz argues that the provenance of the latter, from Eudemus' Physics, is an indication for the Theophrastean report, too, deriving from his Physics. Steinmetz takes these as references to the book title. This is rightly rejected by Gottschalk 18 n.

Still less plausible is Steinmetz' appeal at his [ to the reference to tcrtopia, simply, at On Winds 9. However, these passages do provide instances of the use of tcrtopia for "enquiry" in a general, rather than a specifically historical, sense; see further below, and on the meaning of icrtopia cf. Priscian's Airis N490 to Naturalis historia, Research Concerning Nature, however suggests 44 that no.

490 Iris St

To support his claim that tcr'tOpta here applies to a theoretical, rather than a doxographical work, Steinmetz compares the titles! Mansfeld 51f. Airis N490 further below, on no. McDiarmid Sollenberger Mansfeldn.

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