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Brooks, All Rights Reserved Only recently have individual photographers been offered affordable scanner models that can scan 6x4.


A new large format The Expression XL supports reflectance scans of an area greater than an 11x14" photo print, and film scanning from 35mm through 8x10 formats, as well as whole roll film proofing of all formats in a single Epson Expression 1640XL Scanner. This portrait image on 6x4. It resulted in print values a portrait customer would surely find pleasing in every respect. However, the performance factors are entirely new, including xdpi, or optical and mechanical. The D-max of 3. For scanning all materials the Epson optical system includes an autofocus function, so you get sharp image resolution whether the image is at the level of the glass scan area support or a film image is raised above the glass in one of the film holders provided to accommodate all standard film sizes.

In addition, a dedicated ASIC provides a scan data throughput for exceptionally fast scanning, especially when using the optional FireWire interface.

: Epson Expression XL Special Edition Scanner: Electronics

Illumination for the CCD sensor is provided by a Xenon cold cathode fluorescent tube of exceptional stability that requires no warm-up. Included with SilverFast is an IT-8 to directly calibrate and custom profile the scanner for reflective and transparent scanning modes. This highly sophisticated but easy to use scanner driver provides manual or subject selectable automated color correction to output scans seldom requiring any post-scan tweaking, and can also do the same thing outputting CMYK on the Epson Expression 1640XL Scanner.

This sweet light shot of seashore dunes captured on 6x4. The next step was firing up SilverFast, clicking on the calibration icon, and following the Wizard driven calibration procedure, first with the print IT-8 and then the film. As soon as the calibration was completed, I then filled Epson Expression 1640XL Scanner the rest of the blanks in the CMS tab in the SilverFast Options dialog identifying the monitor and workspace profiles I was using.

Epson Expression 1640XL

Epson Expression 1640XL Scanner In short order I was ready to make my first test scan. This Eureka, California, landmark photographed on 6x4. The Epson Expression XL scanner was up to the challenge reproducing fine detail from highlight well into deep shadows, free of any noise, and complemented with precise separations of the slight variations of the many shades of green in the scene. Considering the criteria I mentioned up front of achieving a scanned image with sufficient quality to fully utilize the reproduction capabilities of a 13" Epson Expression 1640XL Scanner ink jet, I chose a variety of 6x4. I also selected some 11x14 prints, 8x10 black and white negatives, as well as 45 transparencies, color negatives and black and white, not to mention a few 35mm slides to evaluate the full range of media capabilities of the XL.


With prints and larger film formats I was quickly convinced the Expression XL was more than capable of producing image files with qualities sufficient to achieve optimum image qualities in Epson Expression 1640XL Scanner 13" wide print, and larger if I kicked up the scan resolution setting. After I'd filled up about 3GBs of TIFF scan image files on my hard drive, I began opening each file in Photoshop and checked the Histogram and in some rare instances I made minor color adjustments to local areas in these images.

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I Epson Expression 1640XL Scanner cleaned up any dirt spots and scratches before test printing each image file. The backlit translucent Aspen leaves of fall against a dark green forest captured with a 6x4. Reproducing this range accurately and fully was no problem for the Epson Expression XL and SilverFast Ai to precisely adjust the digital image characteristics. Conclusions And Recommendations After getting all too many scans and prints done partly due to my own enthusiasm and partly due to how efficient and easy the Expression XL is to use, I had to come to the overall conclusion that this new Epson scanner does it all, and quite well. I did not have one scan that did not produce a satisfactory print.

Most were in the fine to excellent range by my barometer. First off, the one concern I had going into this evaluation work was that the scanner could achieve both clean and sharp images at 13x19" at dpi.

Epson Expression XL - Epson

This concern came from my work with the Epson Expression over a year before, which yielded very good results but not quite as Epson Expression 1640XL Scanner and free from artifacts at the same print image size from a 6x4. That concern was soon allayed examining the results from using the Expression XL.

The images were all as sharp as the originals permitted, the tones and gradations were smooth, and there were no interpolation artifacts evident at all. The few 6x7 and 6x9 film frames I scanned, as well as a number of 4x5 black and white negatives I scanned mostly to be sure the full range of tones in the film would record without any highlight blocking or shadow noisewere also of a high order of technical and aesthetic quality. Epson Expression 1640XL Scanner indicated that very large print images indeed would be possible using the XL to scan 4x5 originals, and for that matter 6x7 and 6x9cm film frames as well. Home Support Scanners Expression Series Epson Expression XL.


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From now on you will be able to make good layout scans without compromises: The new Epson Expression XL will help you realise the best contrasts,  ‎View gallery · ‎Tech Specs · ‎Support.

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