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Award Modular BIOS v4.51PG upgrade

This could depend on how old the system is and what model of the system. Most bios within Award 4.51PG AWARD MODULAR years will most likely support large capacity hard drives PIII or better ,using a controller card will not be to your advantage as a work around if thebios does not recognize the drives capacity. Failure is normally due to defective memory Cache Initialization Any external cache to the chipset in activated. Failure is normally due to the cache controller or chips Initialize Vector Table Interrupt vectors are initialized and the interrupt table is installed into low memory.

If a bit is bad, the entire block containing it and those above will not be seen Memory Test Read and write tests are performed on memory above K. Check the memory chips if a failure occurs Mouse Initialization Checks for a mouse and installs the appropriate interrupt vectors if one is found. A checksum error Award 4.51PG AWARD MODULAR indicate that CMOS has become corrupt.


This can indicate that CMOS has become corrupt. Run Setup to reconfigure the drive type correctly Display switch is set incorrectly The display switch on the motherboard can be set to either monochrome or color. This message indicates the switch is set to a different setting than indicated in Setup. This can indicate either the EISA nonvolatile memory has become corrupted or the slot has been configured incorrectly. Be sure the adapter is installed correctly and all cables are correctly and firmly attached. Award 4.51PG AWARD MODULAR sure the card is correctly and firmly installed in the bus.

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Be sure the correct hard drive type is installed in Setup. If there are no floppy drives installed, be sure the Diskette Drive Award 4.51PG AWARD MODULAR in Setup is set to None Floppy disk s fail Cannot find or initialize the floppy drive controller or the drive. Make sure the controller is installed correctly.

If Award 4.51PG AWARD MODULAR hard drives are installed, be sure the Hard Drive selection in Setup is set to None Hard disk s diagnosis fail The system may run specific disk diagnostic routines. Rerun EISA configuration utility to correctly program the memory Keyboard error or no keyboard present Cannot initialize the keyboard.


Make sure the keyboard is attached correctly and no keys are being pressed during the boot. This will cause the BIOS to ignore the missing keyboard and continue the boot Keyboard is locked out - Unlock the key This message usually indicates that one or more keys Award 4.51PG AWARD MODULAR been pressed during the keyboard tests. Be sure no objects are resting on the keyboard Memory Address Error at I would like to upgrade my bios to fit a 80gb WD hdd Award modular 4. The whole jumper thing and it "tricking" the motherboard that involves using the alternate jumper settings from this graphic I have below that is posted on Western Digital's website: If you try to use it as a master, you will only get 32 of your 80 GBs.

Solution I found: It didn't come with any hard drive controller card or anything, but it did work! Maxtor has this software you have to enable on its drive that will make the drive Award 4.51PG AWARD MODULAR to "trick" the motherboard into thinking the drive is only 32 GB when it is really GB.

And the way it gets around the GB OS limitation is that you have to make at least 2 partitions, one at or less than GB, the other partition with the remainder. This partitioning is easily done all with Maxtor's software.

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Obviously it helped I had the drive and its original packaging to trade it in. If you can't trade in the WD drive for whatever reason passed the 2-week window the store gives, threw away the packaging, or whatevereSupport. Award 4.51PG AWARD MODULAR hoping somebody with the same BIOS as mine would have posted on the board to say where a free one was. But anyway, good luck. I tried reinstalling Windows also but of no use. Secondly, sometimes my computer hangs when started initially on the windows logo screen or it doesn't start at the initial stage altogether. Also the monitor light starts blinking and has to be restarted many times and then it Award 4.51PG AWARD MODULAR into safe mode.

Award BIOS Drivers Download

Please suggest some solution. Regarding your first problem, please load default setting in the BIOS feature setup and then after saving the setting, restart the computer. I hope this will solve your problem as sometimes this problem occurs due to changes in Award 4.51PG AWARD MODULAR settings. Atom RSS 2.

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Current bandwidth usage: Forums Product Prices. Latest Topics. You Are Here: I'm looking to install a new Western Digital 60 gig hard drive, and my computer, and i'm wondering whether or not my bios (Award Modular BIOS not detecting all memory. Hi Everyone: I am needing a BIOS Upgrade for an Award BIOS dated 11/10/98 vPG Information displayed at bootup before message indicating Award 4.51PG AWARD MODULAR Del.

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