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If the M60VP can convince only with its performance, or if it can impress in the important categories for multimedia, such as sound and display, you will read in our following review. Asus currently has several multimedia notebooks in their range. So, the N70Sv has a The M60VP, which is slightly smaller and only Asus M60Vp Notebook ATI Graphics with a "common" HD resolution but makes up for that with a fairly strong Radeon HDfollows on our performance test bench. The W90VP finally forms the spearhead because it can boast with a It looks rather thick and round at a size of mm x mm x 44mm and lacks any trace of an exciting design or individual highlights. Additionally, the color combination of black, gray and brown is rather in need of accustomization and only increases the conservative impression.

Asus has wagered on materials with a cheap appearance, like plastic. The workmanship is overall good, but a few single blemishes in details are found fairly fast. For instance the gaps of the DVD burner from left to right differ in size. Furthermore, the outer keys of the keyboard can be lifted comparatively easily with the fingers and be bent strongly. Therefore, it's almost surprising that the overall stability turned out to be quite good.


The numerical block gives in relatively easily, but the display lid is very stable and barely allows itself to be twisted or pressed in. The wrist rests and the rest of the keyboard also give in somewhat, but first at unnaturally strong pressure. On the other hand, the hinges are stable and the gram heavy Asus M60Vp Notebook ATI Graphics doesn't lift at opening. Unfortunately, the closing mechanism shows two small annoyances: Additionally, the notebook lid seems to be so heavy that the hinges can't hold the weight at a certain angle and the notebook closes automatically.


Because the M60VP comes with a high gloss surface, it's not really a wonder that the case spoils extremely fast and fingerprints are attracted magically. Connectivity In order to do justice to multimedia requirements, Asus has implemented a large number of various ports and connection possibilities. The left side is completed by a HDMI port for Asus M60Vp Notebook ATI Graphics taste placed too far front and an ample 8-in-1 cardreader. This is capable of the formats: There is a slider, which activates Bluetooth v2. Hence, you are forced to trigger a certain key combination on the keyboard to activate or deactivate WLAN and Bluetooth separately. On the right side there are three sound sockets line-in, microphone, headphoneswhich are unfortunately not marked in different colors.

We would also have welcomed a line-out socket, so that you don't always have to re-plug the headphones and external loudspeakers. Aside from the sound connections, there are two further USB 2. Conclusively, there is a Kensington lock, a further USB 2. The connectivity is complemented with a two megapixel webcam and integrated microphone. Merely the arrow keys and the keys of the numerical block have turned out a bit narrower than the rest, but this is barely disturbing.

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Except for a few details, the keyboard is made up in a standard layout. The keys regrettably have a slightly unusual form.


They are beveled toward the left, but are bolt upright towards the right. Therefore, you permanently get to feel the edge of the other keys at typing, which can prove to be Asus M60Vp Notebook ATI Graphics in the long term. Unconceivable is, however, why Asus put the insert, respectively the delete function on one and the same key.

Laptop ASUS M60VP

Asus has implemented a stylish and touch sensitive bar above the keyboard, which offers a whole range of functions and a blue lighting. With this, the menus can be switched through from left to right, or rather from up to down.

Furthermore, there are buttons for "back", "forward" and "home". The various buttons have turned out quite small, even though there would have been enough place available. On the other Asus M60Vp Notebook ATI Graphics, the touchpad is precise and is well-dimensioned. However, it is rather sticky because the frictional resistance is a bit too high. We couldn't find any possibility to deactivate the touchpad quickly and easily.

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Asus M60Vp Notebook ATI Graphics The touchpad's position is also selected well so that it's barely ever activated by accident. Asus has, however, placed a little treat between the mouse keys: Keyboard Touchpad keys Display The 16 inch display in a cinematic-friendly As Asus has, regrettably, chosen a high gloss surface glare-typeit reflects already at low solar radiation very intensely.

Therefore, an according dimming should be provided for movie rendering. As expected, the M60VP is by no means suitable for outdoor missions. On the outsides of buildings, there is almost nothing visible and the eyes are stressed enormously.

Strong reflections in light as well as Extensive review of the Asus M60VP Notebooks (16 inch, Intel Core 2 Duo P 2,53 GHz, 4GByte DDR RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon. ATI Mobility Radeon HD - MB, Core: MHz, Memory: MHz, Memory 73% Review Asus M60VP Notebook Notebookcheck Success for.

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