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Very non user-friendly, and an absolute lack of documentation in the box or on the website relating to the operation Asante AL1011-DP the software once installed. Very bad.

I called their tech support to find out if they had anything newer Asante AL1011-DP what was on their website and to see if they could help figure it out or if they had heard of issues with the Linksys WAP11 and their products, well that was 15 unproductive minutes of my life I wish I could get back! They also happen to make a generic They have a trial version that works for 30 minutes at time.

So I uninstalled the piece of garbage Asante driver luckily it was much Asante AL1011-DP to remove than it was to install! It is fantastic! It has support for all the standard features you would expect from an I popped in the correct config info, and blammo she was up and running in seconds.

IOXperts b Driver for Mac Free Download

My coworker was so happy to have it working, she hit the buy button in the bottom of the panel Asante AL1011-DP purchased it online in a matter Asante AL1011-DP seconds. That is how e-commerce on the web should always work!

So that was two wins for the folks at iOExperts in a matter of days. I actually went ahead and bought two, one for home and one for the office, Asante AL1011-DP it was such a steal. It has a single port to connect to your hub or switch and a power brick. Plug them both Asante AL1011-DP and you ready to go.


I quickly set mine up for bit WEP, turned off broadcasting of the SSID, and enabled MAC address filtering, so that even if someone managed to find my network and get my WEP key, they would be hard pressed to figure out which MAC address they would need to spoof to gain Asante AL1011-DP to my network. The easy to use web interface of the Linksys Asante AL1011-DP setting this up a matter of about 60 seconds. Speaking of stacking, check out Phillip Torrones review of the WIFI booster Linksys makes that you can use with these to extend their range dramatically. I use the wireless at my home office to remotely sync my Pocket PC with ActiveSync, browse the web, etc.

Asante Technologies Network Drivers Download

I took the second Asante AL1011-DP WAP11 to work with me, and plugged it into a port on one of our Cisco Catalyst Switches and configured it the same as I had for home, this time adding in the MAC addresses for devices around the office that have wireless capabilities. She bought the Asante a few months back to work with her Linksys Asante had just released their beta drivers for OS X, and she had a heck of a time with the installer and their tech support or lack thereof.

Nothing else. Very non user-friendly, and an absolute lack of documentation in the box or on the website relating to the operation of the software once Asante AL1011-DP.

Asante FriendlyNET AeroLAN ALDP - network adapter Specs - CNET

While being able to plop yourself down with a Notebook or PowerBook anywhere you want to in the office or at your home, and still be able to be connected to the internet via your And at home, unless you left the PC host to a printer on, you couldn't print from your roaming unfettered-by-wire portable. Oh I know there have been expensive and confusing for most users print Asante AL1011-DP around for a while. None of them has been wireless either. Now you can at last put that printer anywhere you want, move it when ever you want even just occasionally for the quarterly meeting in the conference room, or just to move it onto your big kitchen table during income tax filing time.

Asante FriendlyNET AeroLAN ALDP - network adapter overview and full product specs on CNET.

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