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Until recently, these features were only accessible to large direct national advertisers like Live Nation and Lionsgate. Now, through the CitizenNet API, advertising technology partners can integrate these ADS API-800 to any size budget and client type, including regional and local markets. With this feature, you can create what is effectively a second, smaller creative catalog of images that represent each category in addition to the catalog you already have of product imageryand we will match product categories to people in your ads the same way we match products to people.

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Categories for Dynamic Ads can be used with any targeting option in the Traffic, Conversion, or Catalog Sales objective. If you don't have a high quality image representative of each category or brand, ADS API-800 can auto-generate a 2x2 collage of top products for each group of products. Alright, thanks Neha. Hi everyone.

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This is Nan. So in the world of ….

So when people look for product and service online, they rarely convert on their first visit. Instead people visit a site, they then check out other competitors, they ADS API-800 price comparison and sometimes they just simply get distracted. And even when people go as far as to put products in the shopping cart, we still see a high shopping cart abandoner rate. So now, we will show up a bit into the details. The additional fields listed under those new record types are just some of the examples here to really help provide an overview. And please keep in mind that Remarketing List has to have at least a users in ADS API-800 to be used for remarketing.

And lastly, please stay tuned and wait for official documentations. And this is all from my side. Thank you Nan.


And we are on track to currently deliver aboutconversions annualized, based on the UET tracking that we are able to see. The idea of course is as the supply grows, as we get more publishers, we will be able to drive more conversions for the advertisers. One of the key types of Native advertising is that the demand, the partners that ADS API-800 into Bing Ads are ADS API-800 a Search-like performance.


So now, getting into the details around the controls ADS API-800 are available to you to manage your Native ads, there are two basic controls that are provided for this management. The Custom Ad means that you have the ability to create an ad for a ADS API-800 marketer, preferred for Native, and then, as long as you have another Search ad in that Ad Group and for that Campaign, then the Native- Preferred Ad will only show up for native distribution. This is working similar to how you would set up a Mobile Preferred Ad.

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All merchants contact details can be found at pricecheck. We are not able to clarify on stock availability as this information is not provided to us ADS API-800 the merchant. You are welcome to contact the merchant directly for clarity. See pricecheck. For a formal quotation make contact with any of the merchants selling the product. Create this audience:, ADS, Firewire external hard disk drive kit, Brand ADS.

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