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For word processing, spreadsheet, office automation and Web viewing, any of the inch models listed in this guide would do nicely. A inch CRT monitor ADI CRT M700 1, by pixel resolution and a fast refresh rate will render crisp, ADI CRT M700 images that satisfy all but the most demanding graphics professionals. And it's not hard to see their cost-effectiveness. You can buy two Viewsonic inch CRTs for the price of one of the company's economy or inch models.

Adi Crt M700 Driver Download

A cathode ray tube, or CRT, monitor uses an electron gun to shoot electron beams through a metal mask or grille onto the back of the monitor screen, which is coated with colored phosphor dots. The beams excite the ADI CRT M700, causing them to glow in various intensities to produce the images on your screen. CRT manufacturers use one of two types of masks or grilles in their products.

The shadow mask is a metal plate perforated with tiny holes that help filter and focus the electron beam to produce the image. The aperture grille is a wire frame with vertical metal strings.

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The general opinion is that shadow mask technology is preferable for computer-aided design and manufacturing, precision graphics and heavy text, and that aperture grille technology works best for desktop publishing and graphic arts, where very bright, rich and saturated colors are necessary. But because ADI CRT M700 baseline monitors listed here aren't designed ADI CRT M700 high-end graphics work, the distinctions are moot. Both shadow mask and aperture grille technologies produce excellent image quality for typical office tasks.


The shape of a monitor's tube is an important factor in determining its overall viewing quality. CRTs in older monitors were often noticeably spherical, which slightly distorted the ADI CRT M700, particularly at the edges of the screen. Nearly all new monitors are flat-square, rendering precise and proportional images. All the monitors listed in this guide have flat-square tubes. This feature is almost always paired with an antiglare, antistatic and antireflection treatment to help improve image quality from virtually any angle.

Well then, help me choose between these 17" willya? Tom's Hardware Forum

Monitor size is measured diagonally, and there's always an inch or two around the screen's perimeter covered by its case. The viewable area of inch CRT monitors ranges between Consider the following criteria for evaluating CRT monitors: ADI CRT M700 pitch. Dot pitch is the distance measured in millimeters between two phosphor dots of the same color inside the display screen. The Lowdown ' What is it?


It ADI CRT M700 a plug-and-play unit that meets safety and power management standards. It should have digital controls avilable on the screen. You need a baseline CRT monitor if you want to economize and if you use typical office applications for most of your work, such as word processing, spreadsheet tasks and Web page viewing. They aren't suited for high-end graphics work, ADI CRT M700 publishing or computer-aided design applications. Baseline inch CRT monitors will someday be replaced, either by CRTs with larger screens and smaller footprints or LCDs whose prices have come down to reasonable levels.

Prices for inch models will continue to drop ADI CRT M700 not drastically. In flat-square tubes, the measurement is diagonal, but the actual measurement can vary between screens with shadow mask and aperture grille technologies.

ADI ProVista M700 - CRT monitor - 17" Specs

For example, a 0. If you forget everything else, remember this one thing about dot pitch: The lower the better. Don't buy a inch with higher than 0. A unit with 0.

Optimum resolution. ADI MicroScan M - CRT monitor - ADI CRT M700 overview and full product specs on CNET. ADI ProVista M - CRT monitor - 17" overview and full product specs on CNET.

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