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Acard ARS-2032D may not be effective with stand-alone devices because of access required by maintenance personnel and for replenishing the cash supply or other servicing, thereby exposing the encryption key to simple means of compromise. Encrypting only the secret information in the central account records Acard ARS-2032D not effective since the secret information must also be entered at a remote terminal to initiate a transaction and be transmitted, usually by means of utility communication lines, to the centralized computer, thereby becoming subject to monitoring by person or persons unknown. The transmission therefore must also be encrypted, which is effective but may still permit someone who can break the code access to the list of correspondence between account information and Personal Indentification Numbers by monitoring these transmissions.


An additional shortcoming is the generation, by a sophisticated penetrator, of spurious transactions to fraudulently transfer funds within data base accounts. As a result, the previous methods of validating the secret number at a centralized data processor provide protection against casual fraud but may not provide adequate protection against a penetrator having knowledge of, and perhaps, access to, current data processing equipment or systems. Alternatively, those methods that seem to provide an adequate level of security also seem quite costly due to the need for utilizing high-cost data communication lines for multiple Acard ARS-2032D for validation of each transaction and for transmission in a secure Acard ARS-2032D of the required enciphering keys, rather than relying on a single Transaction Request Message, a single Response and an acknowledgement or some minimum number of transmissions per transactions.

There has evolved within the same time frame networks other than the proprietary networks that a single financial institution may deploy to service its customers.

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Financial Institutions may decide to share networks or to interchange transactions in order to provide better service. There are national networks developed by Bank Cards to service many financial institutions that may aggregate millions of accounts and millions of transactions per day. Although each transaction may Acard ARS-2032D small, the aggregate dollar volume transferred per day is substantial. In addition, there are the semi-official clearing house systems and the networks used by Acard ARS-2032D Financial Agencies to transfer billions of dollars of funds daily and that impact the financial structure of the country.

The methods used by some of the large financial institution networks to provide security are so simplistic, they may easily be defeated by a knowledgeable person, as occasional newspaper headlines attest.

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What has been lacking until now is a procedure, method or system that integrates the validation and authentication of the plastic card, cardholder, terminal or other device used to initiate transactions, render ineffective wiretap data, that does not require unencrypted Personal Identification Numbers to be processed, that efficiently uses costly data communication lines by minimizing transmissions and is adaptable to the requirements of different types of on-line networks. SUMMARY OF INVENTION A system in accordance with the present invention consists of a means for multiply-enciphering secret and other data in a predetermined way at a remote terminal or a computer connected by communication lines to a computer, said enciphering to provide authentication of the card, cardholder, terminal or other device, and to Acard ARS-2032D security against intrusion by wiretapping in a way that maximizes utilization of communication lines.

The secret data may be entered on a keyboard by an authorized cardholder together with other data that may be required to complete the transaction. The secret and other data, and data internal to the remote terminal or computer, are multiply-enciphered in a predetermined way using a secret Terminal Master Key stored in the terminal or computer, initially to generate a Working Key that is used only to encipher the Transaction Request Message that is generated within Acard ARS-2032D terminal or computer by suitable means. The Working Key is then additionally multiply-enciphered in a predetermined way using the secret Terminal Master Key to generate a Transmitted Key that is appended to the Transaction Request Message and transmitted by suitable means to the computer at the centralized account data base in a way that prevents intrusion by wire tapping.

At the centralized computer, the account data base is searched to Acard ARS-2032D enciphered and Acard ARS-2032D data corresponding to the account of the authorized cardholder and the device from which the message was received, which data is used two ways. Part of the data is used to facilitate the multiple decipherments of the Transmitted Key in order to obtain the Working Key.

Other parts of the data are used to validate and authenticate the transaction after it has been deciphered using the Working Key and the Working Key itself has been further multiply-deciphered and in a way that provides that the enciphered data is protected from access by employees of the financial institution such as programmers, systems analysts, operators and also protected from other sophisticated penetrators who may gain unauthorized access to the computer network or system. After the transaction has been validated, additional tests of an accounting nature may be performed by the central computer to determine whether the Transaction Request should be approved, tests depending upon data such as balance in account, date of last use, amount withdrawn and other data.

An appropriate response is generated at the centralized computer by suitable means, which response is enciphered Acard ARS-2032D the same Working Key used to encipher the Transaction Request Message.


This Transaction Request Response is transmitted by suitable means to the terminal or computer from which the Transaction Request Message was received, where it is deciphered by suitable means using the Working Key that has been securely stored and the requested transaction is completed if approved, or an indication displayed that the transaction is not approved. After completion of the transaction, the terminal or computer may send an acknowledgement to Acard ARS-2032D centralized computer indicating the type of transaction completed, as an added security measure, which acknowledgement may be enciphered using the same Working Key.

After the centralized computer receives the acknowledgement, it updates the accounting data base and then the remote terminal or computer and the centralized computer destroy the Working Key securely by resetting the register or location in which the Working Key has been stored to prevent reuse or compromise.

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Because the secret data and other data are used to generate the working key required to encipher each Transaction Request Message, each such Message will be enciphered using a different Working Key before being transmitted to the centralized computer, substantially enhancing the strength of the enciphering means and protecting the Terminal Master Key from compromise by statistical cryptanalysis. In the preferred embodiment, there is only 1 chance in 2 to the 56th power that the same Working Key would be generated twice. A device such as a Cash Dispenser, Automatic Teller Machine, Point-of-Sale device, or any of various types of computers that may Acard ARS-2032D used to initiate a financial transaction.

Terminal Identification TID: A designation of binary digit numbers, letters or a mixture of numbers and letters that identifies a specific terminal and is embodied as an integral characteristic of the terminal. A designation that identifies an account holder in an accounting data base.

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A variable number of digits, letters or a mixture of digits and letters known only to an authorized account holder and used in the Acard ARS-2032D and validation of on-line financial transactions. In the preferred embodiment, at least 4 characters are used as the Personal Identification Number. The binary designation chosen for Acard ARS-2032D and other parameters may be any of those commonly used in computer processing or data communications without affecting the scope of the invention. Card anti-counterfeiting features CS: A designation or identification for a magnetic-striped, plastic, size "A" card that cannot be changed without destroying the card.

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Encryption or Decryption Keys: Some embodiments of the Data Encryption Standard require a secret 56 Acard ARS-2032D digit key to particularize or control the operation of the algorithm, some embodiments require that 64 secret binary digits be entered into the key register even though only 56 enter into the operation of the algorithm and the remaining 8 are odd parity binary digits, one for each 7 binary digits of the key and each parity binary digit located to the right of each 7 binary key digits. Either of these is within the scope of the invention, as are other cryptographic systems which require or permit a secret encryption key to control or particularize the operation of the Acard ARS-2032D algorithm. A key used primarily or solely to encrypt and decrypt other keys.

A Master Key with certain specified binary digits inverted to provide a defense against specific types of penetration by an intruder.

In the 56 binary digit representation, KM1 and KMT1, called the first variants, are Acard ARS-2032D to the respective Master Keys with binary digits 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, 37, 44, 51, counting left to right, inverted. Then, KM2 and KMT2, called the second variants, are formed from the respective Master Keys by having binary digits 5, 12, 19, 26, 33, 40, 47, 54 inverted. The ACARD CD/DVD Copier is a standalone CD/DVD controller that will allows you to carry out duplicator requirement without taking up the resources of your. Manuals and User Guides for Acard ARSD ARSD. We have 1 Acard ARSD ARSD manual available Acard ARS-2032D free PDF download: User Manual.

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