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I also don't know everything about how computers work, but I do know that these fixes helped me. My Setup My current setup is as follows: Choppy Large changes in fps from over to under very quickly.

££ for PC for WOW Legion Exclusively Overclockers UK Forums

Hits seem to take longer to register than what you would expect at a given ping. Player movement seems extremely fast when players peek corners.

These setups are as follows: I never remember having any of the problems that I have experienced on this laptop. Even when I played on a newer version of the same line I think a G75 something ASUS H110M-ETWOW Intel Graphics did not have the problems I previously described.

Will these computer parts work for WoW legion?

A Custom PC with the following components: My last most convincing argument is that ASUS H110M-ETWOW Intel Graphics fixed it. The second computer mainly just had stuttering issues and choppiness and after applying these tweaks, they were gone. The second PC has the following components: I will also explain to the best of my knowledge what each setting does and what effects I saw after changing the setting.


Use application setting Common settings seen ASUS H110M-ETWOW Intel Graphics this subreddit: I found that my game tended to be smoother on the "use application setting" but I do want to note that before I applied some of the other fixes, I found that symptom 3 Time before hits reg seemed to be much less of a problem. One notable adverse effect is an increase in input lag, but for me it was relatively inconsequential. Basically none at all to my knowledge.

I found that this setting had very little overall effect, but I did see some improvement in sudden drops in fps from high to low then back ASUS H110M-ETWOW Intel Graphics high. I doubt this setting will do much for most people, but I felt that it should still be included in the list.

Download INTEL Graphics Board drivers - Page

Disabling this setting will cause your processor to be running at full speed at all times, this means more heat and more power consumption. I would be careful to change this setting if my PC ran ASUS H110M-ETWOW Intel Graphics. I found that this setting tended to improve the choppy feeling of the game only very slightly. I am not entirely sure how much of an effect this can have, but I did not experience any adverse effects.

Disabling this setting will cause your processor to be in an "always on" state, this means more heat and ASUS H110M-ETWOW Intel Graphics power consumption. I personally would rather have a smoother game than higher FPS, but I expect for most people that this setting will not have enough of an effect to sacrifice the FPS it gives. If it has been installed, updating overwrite-installing may fix problems, add new functions, or expand existing ones. ASUS H110M-ETWOW Intel Graphics

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Even though other OSes might be compatible as well, we do not recommend applying this release on platforms other ASUS H110M-ETWOW Intel Graphics the ones specified. By default, a checkbox is selected to automatically run WinSAT and enable the Windows Aero desktop theme if supported. Deselect the checkbox if this support should be turned off. Go to step 6. The operating system will install the driver.


The driver should now be loaded. Go to step 6 - Expand "Display adapters" and double-click the graphics controller. The operating system will install the driver if it considers this an upgrade.


Versions: Intel Graphics Driver: - Intel Display Audio Driver: - Intel Display Audio Driver: Download INTEL Graphics Board drivers, firmware, bios, tools, utilities - Page ASUS HM-ET/WOW Intel Graphics Driver 9 downloads.

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