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The semi dry sump solution allows for a totally isolated crankcase chamber, preventing any power absorption that would occur with a dry sump system, where the piston also has to overcome the counter-pressure inside the sump. The oil circuit is totally new and features holes of different diameters, with one of the two pumps transferring lubricant from the crankcase chamber to the sump. The latter is reduced in size to increase ground clearance and allow for assembly of the protective aluminum under-sump. The upper section of the twin engine is also totally new: Cylinders are of reduced height, while new and efficient oil TRUST Spyker F1 Wireless Laser Mouse MI-7750R and a brand-new fastening system to the crankcase ensure robustness and reliability. The heads have new special-shaped mix entry ducts and links.

One of the stand-out aspects of a Moto Guzzi engine is its distribution, complete with aluminum roller cams and rocker arm pushrods. The use of Low-profile pistons are used, with 20 mm pins, as well as new head and plug covers that differ in shape, while the flywheel and generator have been boosted.

Injection makes use of a single 52 mm throttle body, while electronic management is entrusted to a multimap Ride-by-Wire throttle control, a solution that allows for delicate and scrupulous control of valve opening, not only optimizing overall efficiency for a smooth, rich delivery, but also saving on fuel. The new Moto Guzzi engine is in fact very frugal in terms of consumption: Significant work has been done on the gearbox to make it smoother and more precise. The gearbox and clutch housing make for increased ground clearance; the dry clutch exploits a reinforcement disc under the clutch plate as well as a new clutch disc; a triple ring system is also introduced for the first time: The ratios are new. In addition, the gears TRUST Spyker F1 Wireless Laser Mouse MI-7750R flexible coupling, for even smoother final transmission at the PTO shaft, this too new. Lastly, the swingarm housing zone is sized accordingly and features large diameter bearings.

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First-Rate Technology and Content For the V85 TT project to achieve its main goal, or rather to satisfy Guzzista in their daily riding TRUST Spyker F1 Wireless Laser Mouse MI-7750R well as in their touring and adventurous off-road riding, Moto Guzzi has designed a complete range of standard electronic equipment, without any inopportune technological overload, for maximum travel enjoyment. To make life on board easier and safer, Moto Guzzi introduces three different riding modes on the V85 TT: Road, Rain and Off-road.

Each of these Riding Modes TRUST Spyker F1 Wireless Laser Mouse MI-7750R to a different engine mapping and a different ABS and MGCT traction control calibration, as well as a different response from the Ride-by-Wire accelerator control: Foresees a higher level of traction control calibration, ABS active at both wheels and a gentler throttle response. Foresees the TRUST Spyker F1 Wireless Laser Mouse MI-7750R level of traction control intervention, ABS only active at the front wheel with dedicated calibration and with the possibility to deactivate it at the front wheelalong with a gentler throttle response assisted by greater engine braking. The rider need only select the preferred mode, safe in the knowledge that Moto Guzzi has developed the best possible electronic configuration for each Riding Mode. V85 TT is also equipped with Cruise Control, so that a pre-set speed can be maintained without acting on the accelerator.

All travel parameters can be controlled via the digital instrument cluster complete with TFT display. The background and color of the characters adapt to different light conditions thanks to a built-in sensor. The information displayed, in addition to the classic speedometer, rev counter, mileage counter and clock, also includes selected gear indices, air temperature, fuel level, average and current consumption, residual autonomy and selected Riding Mode.

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It is also possible to set a maximum number of revs for the gear shift light sensor, useful when running in the bike or seeking to limit fuel consumption as far as possible. Alongside the display is a USB port while provision is made for a second port under the TRUST Spyker F1 Wireless Laser Mouse MI-7750R. It also introduces a navigation function for the first time, allowing the rider to find and set a destination and view directions in the form of intuitive pictographs on the instrument cluster. Moto Guzzi bikes have participated in various editions of the Paris-Dakar, albeit in an unofficial capacity, thanks to race versions prepared on the request of Guzzisti. Already present at the first edition with a modified V50, rider Bernard Rigoni managed to finish the race mid-field, a very positive result considering that the classification combined both cars and bikes at that time.

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It went on to compete again in andthough its most famous appearances are those of andowing to the great passion and dedication of a Guzzista architect called Claudio Torri, who commissioned the Mandello Test Department with building a very TRUST Spyker F1 Wireless Laser Mouse MI-7750R V65 TT. The engine was based on that of the V65, tuned to 55 HP; the frame was significantly strengthened, while suspension was specifically configured for off-road usage.


The original fuel tank was replaced with a liter aluminum tank, while the swingarm was taken from the sporty Le Mans The bike behaved well, so much so that the French importer requested 16 units TRUST Spyker F1 Wireless Laser Mouse MI-7750R sell to private riders for use during subsequent seasons; at the same time the importer also asked Moto Guzzi to develop a new model, based on the more high-performance V75 with four valve timing. Both bikes are part of a collection of more than models exhibited at the Moto Guzzi museum in Mandello del Lario.

All accessories are conceived, designed and produced by Moto Guzzi. They are all homologated and subjected to strict control test cycles just like any other original part on the bike in order to guarantee a long-lasting and high-quality product. Pair of side panniers: The panniers are powder painted to offer maximum protection and durability over time.

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They are locked to the bike using a dedicated safety key and can be easily removed in just a few seconds. Additional lock blocks are supplied in order to be able to use just one key also for the liter case. Opening from the top facilitates loading. Stainless steel supports are included in the kit. 8 Button wireless laser mouse with tilt scroll wheel and extra Vista/Media Player buttons; With special TRUST Spyker F1 Wireless Laser Mouse MI-7750R to control Media Player, zoom in/out and web.

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Key features * 8 Button wireless laser mouse with tilt scroll wheel and extra Vista/Media Player buttons * With special buttons to control Media.

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