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Mother Board Intel, Supermicro Motherboards

If the alarm is on, check the specs of the memory, reset the memory or try a different one. Make sure that the DIMM modules are properly installed and fully seated in the slots.

Also, it is recommended that you use the same memory speed for all DIMMs in the system. See Section for memory limitations.


Check for bad DIMM modules or slots by swapping modules between slots and noting the results. Losing the System s Setup Configuration 1. Please be sure to use a high quality power supply. A poor quality power supply may cause the system to lose the CMOS setup information. Refer to Section for details on recommended power supplies. If the above steps do not fi x the Setup Confi guration problem, contact your vendor for repairs. Also, note that as a motherboard manufacturer, Supermicro does not sell directly to end-users, so it is best to fi rst check with your distributor or reseller for troubleshooting services.

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They should know of any possible problem s with the specifi c system confi guration that was sold to you. Not all BIOS can be flashed. Some Supermicro PDSML-LN1 PDSML-LN2 PDSML-LN1 PDSML-LN2 be flashed, depending on the modifications to the boot block code. If you've followed the instructions above to troubleshoot your system, and still cannot resolve the problem, then please contact Supermicro's technical support and provide them with the following information: For immediate assistance, please have your account number ready when placing a call to our technical support department. We can be reached by at by phone at: What type of memory does my motherboard support? See Section for details on installing memory. It is recommended that you do not upgrade your BIOS if you are not experiencing any problems with your system.

Select your motherboard model and download the BIOS fi le to your computer. You can choose from the zip fi le and the.

Run the batch fi le using the format fl ash. Then, your system will automatically reboot. If you choose the. Insert the fl oppy disk into the system you wish to fl ash the BIOS.


Then, bootup the system to the fl oppy disk. Please note that this process may take a few minutes to complete. Do not be concerned if the screen is paused for a few minutes.

Do not shut down or reset the system while updating BIOS to prevent possible system boot failure! What's on the CD that came with my motherboard? The supplied compact disc has quite a few drivers and programs that will greatly enhance your system. We recommend that you review the CD and install the applications you need. Applications on the CD include chipset drivers for Windows, security and audio drivers.

Supermicro PDSML-LN1+ : User's and BIOS Manual (b)

Connect the blue connector to the onboard IDE header and the other connector Supermicro PDSML-LN1 PDSML-LN2 PDSML-LN1 PDSML-LN2 to your hard drive s. Consult the documentation that came with your disk drive for details on actual jumper locations and settings. When returning to the manufacturer, the RMA number should be prominently displayed on the outside of the shipping carton, and mailed prepaid or hand-carried. Shipping and handling charges will be applied for all orders that must be mailed when service is complete.

Super Micro Computer, Inc. - Products Motherboards Pentium® 4 Dual Core E PDSML-LN1

This warranty only covers normal consumer use and does not cover damages incurred in shipping or from failure due to the alteration, misuse, abuse or improper maintenance of products. For faster service, RMA authorizations may be requested online During the warranty period, contact your distributor fi rst for any product problems.

Due to periodic changes to the BIOS, some settings may have been added or deleted and might not yet be recorded in this manual. Do not shut down or reset the Supermicro PDSML-LN1 PDSML-LN2 PDSML-LN1 PDSML-LN2 while updating the BIOS to prevent possible boot failure. The Phoenix BIOS fl ash chip stores the system parameters, types of disk drives, video displays, etc. The CMOS memory requires very little electrical power. When the computer is turned Supermicro PDSML-LN1 PDSML-LN2 PDSML-LN1 PDSML-LN2, a backup battery provides power to the BIOS fl ash chip, enabling it to retain system parameters. From the main menu, you can access the other setup screens, such as the Security and Power menus. Beginning with Sectiondetailed descriptions are given for each parameter setting in the Setup utility.

All displayed text is described in this section, although the screen display is often all you need to understand how to set the options Refer to the next page.

Please load "System Setup Default" when using the system the first time. The next section describes in detail how to navigate through the menus. PDSML-LN1. RoHS Compliant; Best Thermal Optimized Design; Most Cost Effective LAN Solution; Smallest Dual Core CPU Server micro1U. Key Features. 1. It provides information for the installation and use of thePDSML-LN1+/PDSML-LN2+/PDSML-E+ motherboard. It supports singleIntel® Xeon® /

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