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Look and feel It's as if Toshiba gave up midway through the design process.


You might remember it as that funky-looking notebook with a To us, it's simply the prettiest, most understated PC Toshiba has put out in a long, long time. It was the mix of materials that sealed the deal: It was tactile, inviting and, most importantly, subtle. The Ut isn't Toshiba Satellite 1100-Z6 ODD exact copy it doesn't even have a lid but it does borrow some key design elements. This, too, has a textured, rubbery finish both on the underside and on the palm rest.

Laptop Service Manual: Toshiba SATELLITE 1100 USER GUIDE

As on the UW, Toshiba went Toshiba Satellite 1100-Z6 ODD an inoffensive shade of dark brown. These are also the same flat, chiclet-style keys, just shrunken down to fit a smaller deck. That said, this seems to be a clear step down in build quality.

The whole thing is made of plastic, and while the soft-touch materials do a good job masking that, you can still feel it in the keyboard panel, which exhibits some noticeable flex. Also, Toshiba didn't give much thought to how the back of the device looks once you slide out the display and prop it up. That backside has a bare, almost unfinished look -- it's as if Toshiba gave up midway through the design process. On another machine it might pass for industrial; here, it just doesn't Toshiba Satellite 1100-Z6 ODD the rest of the design.

As for that display, it's coated in scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass, which is a fortunate thing since the screen is constantly exposed unless you buy a sleeve for it, of course. We didn't really consider this when we first got hands-on: As we've found on phones, tablets and other devices, though, the Gorilla Glass does a good job of keeping the screen pristine. So after spending Toshiba Satellite 1100-Z6 ODD little time Toshiba Satellite 1100-Z6 ODD it, we were able to relax and trust the panel wouldn't get ruined. One nice thing about this form factor is that you can set it in your lap with the display propped-up and not have to worry about the whole thing toppling backward. The hinge on the backside anchors the display in such a way that you needn't worry about the weight distribution, as you might with a dockable tablet.

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Of course, too, that slider form factor means you can use the Ut as a tablet when you want to. As we said with the XPS 12, though, you wouldn't want to use a 3.

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Your arms would get tired. If you're hanging out on the couch, however, and can rest the PC against your legs, it makes for a nice lean-back sort of device.

Size-wise, the chassis measures 0. Poke around further and you'll find a volume rocker, a key for enabling screen auto-rotation, the power button, a volume rocker and two vents around back. Finally, being a PC you can use as a tablet, this has not one, but two cameras: On the inside, it supports Intel Wireless Display, like so many Ultrabooks, but it also packs Toshiba Satellite 1100-Z6 ODD NFC radio, which is still something of a novelty on laptops.

Keyboard and trackpad We're grading on a curve here. Toshiba Satellite 1100-Z6 ODD we first got hands-on with the Ut, we said it had a roomier keyboard than most sliders we've seen. And that's true; an inherent problem with this form factor is that when the display is propped up, the hinge 'round back eats into the usable deck space, leaving the keyboard area unusually cramped. The layout here still feels crowded compared to the XPS 12, or any other ultraportable with a fully usable keyboard deck. All told, we were able to type the brunt of this review on it, but we did make plenty of typos along the way.

Toshiba Satellite Z6 drivers

It's a shame the propped-up display takes up so much space, because with a little more room this would have been a great typing experience. Though the keys are a bit shallow, they have a soft finish that feels nice under the fingertips, and we like how the keyboard makes relatively little sound, even when you're typing furiously.

The gentle backlighting, too, is a nice touch. You can turn it off at any time by pressing Fn-Z.

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Satellite Z6. Windows® XP Home Edition.


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