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The results were pretty decent too, with those faked-out rear and side channels proving a welcome Mad Catz Tritton 720+ Headset for the slightly tinny 30mm drivers in its more expensive cousin. The USB-powered control box takes a standard optical audio cable as its primary input, meaning that you can hook it up in a matter of minutes to any Xbox, PS3 or modern PC that you have lying around. With a few reservations, absolutely.

It's hard to imagine being confronted with a box quite like this even a few years ago, as an example: Delving into the contents, the orange box presents you with the headset itself, along with a USB-powered receiver and a host of peripherals that will allow for connection to a wide range of devices. You could also use Mad Catz Tritton 720+ Headset combined USB and 3.


As long as you can get USB power, you're good to go. Playstation 3 and PC owners running through the USB receiver simply need to select the appropriate device from their system and calibrate as necessary - no extra wires required. As with most modern gaming peripherals these days, it's decked out in bright blue neon lights whenever it's in service, and unfortunately doesn't come with the ability to dim them if you have no choice but to set up in eyesight of your screen. It is however, very small and could be easily tucked away if necessary. Connecting it up to your chosen source is as simple as connecting up the USB cable to a suitable socket and plugging in the optical cable, and there are outside of the bundled accessories anyway no further components to worry about.

The Mad Catz Tritton 720+ Headset itself can either sit horizontally or vertically, although due to its lightweight nature and the lack of a stabilising stand, it's probably wise to make sure it's not in an area in which damage can occur should you accidentally tug the headset cable a little too vigorously during that game of Black Ops! That main cable also comes with a quick-detach control unit that allows for independent adjustment of both in-game audio and voice chat, along with the usual slider switch to mute your voice in moments when you need to collect yourself. Those Mad Catz Tritton 720+ Headset mechanisms are both rocker-style implementations however, which can be a little ungainly when trying to dial in a necessary volume tweak with any speed or precision.

On the plus side of that, all the available controls feel solid and are easy to access without looking down at your hands.

Mad Catz Tritton Surround Gaming Headset Ps4 PC Xbox Ps3 Headphones eBay

The headset itself is largely constructed of white plastic with orange trim, featuring faux-leather padding. It's a lightweight unit but feels as if it could withstand some heavy use where necessary, and it doesn't creak or groan too much when moving your head or adjusting your position. Mad Catz Tritton 720+ Headset

The headband itself is incredibly rigid and sturdy, clasping to your head tightly at all times and generating a fair amount of heat around your lobes during long sessions. Fortunately the earcups also allow 90 degrees of Mad Catz Tritton 720+ Headset for moments of down-time, which is a God-send when you need to rest up and allow your skin some time to breathe.

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Other uses aside, does the fake Mad Catz Tritton 720+ Headset work for gaming purposes? In a nutshell - yes; and there are several knock-on benefits to quality from having just the lone 50mm driver for each ear. Testing Modern Warfare revealed the sort of precision that's required for even basic online play, with gunfire and footsteps recognisable for their direction and distance. Firing up Forza 4 and heading into in-car mode showed off a good level of throaty bass to add to that mix, with the engine clearly placed either in front of your head or a few feet behind depending on the vehicle selected. Battlefield 3, as with any DiCE game, sounded superb, and even the relatively meagre 25HzkHz frequency of the hardware didn't seem to matter all that much. Audio rarely sounds hollow or carries an echo even with all that room to breathe which was a problem with some of the older designs of this natureand testing with a game like FIFA 13 shows up some of the benefits in comparison to normal speakers.


The added intimacy allows you to appreciate audio and effects you might have missed in a conventional setup; there is the realisation that commentary samples are compressed to a shocking degree in EA's primary sports franchise; and the satisfaction of being able to drown out your opposition with a quick Mad Catz Tritton 720+ Headset of the volume control. In testing, few people could hear anything besides my own voice even with speakers firing out audio into the room, whereas sampled recordings on the PC sound clear but come with a slightly distant quality that might put potential podcasters off. In terms of hearing your colleagues or opponents, the ability to bump up the volume of chat in the headset mix cannot be underestimated, as any regular Xbox Live user would attest. In this instance, the most noticeable of them occurs when switching to music playback, which although an improvement thanks to the 50mm drivers this year is noticeably flat and fairly lifeless in comparison with any decent dedicated stereo headset.

It's a long way from being horrible, but it's far from inspiring, and the tight fit of the headset makes you constantly aware of exactly what you're doing. It also needs to be noted that the USB receiver brings a small issue to the party in the form of a low-volume audible buzz fed back into the headset.

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This is, it must be stated, almost a complete non-issue during Mad Catz Tritton 720+ Headset use and can only be noticed when things are deadly quiet, but it is nevertheless there to an appreciable degree. Once you hear it you definitely cannot un-hear it, and that might constitute a problem for those of you with finely-tuned ears or those of you that play more quiet and introspective titles with any degree of regularity. It's a surprisingly rounded and lively experience with a decent amount of depth, and any game that demands surround audio will prove to be a good match for the technology.

Subtler Mad Catz Tritton 720+ Headset are still best suited to conventional stereo headsets of course, but it has to be said that the majority of videogames don't really fit into that category. Find great deals for Mad Catz Tritton Surround Gaming Headset Ps4 PC Xbox Ps3 Headphones.

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