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Right on target with MSI's estimate, using Mobile Markwe Msi 746F Ultra to get 5 hours and 30 minutes of juice out of the battery with the Wi-Fi turned off.


Wewere unableto run Mobile Mark withWi-Fion, but in untimed, casual use while writing this review, our reviewer noted that the system lasted "well overfour hours. A few weeks after initial publication of this review, we got the MSI Wind back and installed a new Web surfing script that visits a series of popular Msi 746F Ultra sites with the browser cache turned off.

The original Wi-Fi on estimate of "well over four hours" should be discounted, because it wasbased on casual observations no one used a timing mechanismnot a timed test. In all instances, it was a pleasure not to reach for the Msi 746F Ultra adapter; we took the system to a Starbucks for an afternoon without fearing that we would need to recharge.

MSI F Ultra (Motherboards) Reviews

Msi 746F Ultra Wind NB's From 15 feet away, the radio managed Nevertheless, Web pages loaded quickly on our office network; NYTimes. An episode of Family Guy had minimal video pauses and audio skips. The system is also packaged with MSI's webcam software.


MSI backs this mini-notebook with a one-year warranty but offers tech support only from 7: PST Monday through Thursday, and Msi 746F Ultra Unfortunately, the call isn't toll-free. Programs loaded quickly even when we had several others running in the background.

We could listen to music, have a videoconference with a friend, surf the Web, and write this review in Msi 746F Ultra Writer all at the same time with no hang-ups. Although the Wind NB forgoes a solid state drive for a 5,rpm 80GB hard disk, we weren't disappointed with its performance. The system booted in a quick Msi 746F Ultra seconds see for your yourself below and packs plenty more space than a solid state drive would for files and applications.

We wouldn't recommend the Wind NB for 3D gamers, but this mini-notebook's graphics performance is certainly better than the competition. The system even handled the graphics-intensive Msi 746F Ultra Life--whereas other mini-notebooks haven't been able to run the program. When playing City of Heroes, we were able to clock a decent 15 frames per second, albeit at the lowest possible settings.

When the TurboDrive is turned on and the system is plugged in, an orange icon flashes in the corner of the screen and the power button changes from blue to orange. When the system is running off Msi 746F Ultra battery, the TurboDrive reduces the CPU's clock speed around 50 percent and dims the screen to extend battery life; the CPU clocked in at 1. When we overclocked it to 1. And when we tried our same multitasking video conferencing, listening to music, surfing the Webwe noticed smoother performance.

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Second Life also paused less, and loading images in the 3D world's distance took less time. Roomy Keyboard, Small Touchpad The Wind NB's keyboard layout is pretty close to full size, and the matte keys offered a good amount of springy feedback when Msi 746F Ultra.

MS-6717 (746F Ultra) Motherboard

The HP Mini-Note offers slightly larger keys, especially the Shift Msi 746F Ultra Enter keys, and the keys are treated with a protective coating to prevent wear and tear. Nevertheless, touch typists Msi 746F Ultra have no problems using the Wind NB for extended periods. The mouse button, a single bar that serves as a left and right click control, is also less than ideal.


It lacks a divot to separate the buttons, feels mushy, and requires a firm press. We would prefer two dedicated buttons with more tactile response, but this arrangement is still better than the vertically oriented touchpad buttons on the HP Mini-Note. The matte display with a native x pixel resolution is much easier on the eyes; Web pages fit to size on the Msi 746F Ultra and required no horizontal scrolling. We were impressed when we watched The Big Lebowski on Hulu; The Dude Jeff Bridges looked extremely clear, and we saw every detail of his shaggy, unkempt hair.

Kingston Memory, MB MHz, DDR - Aria PC

Vertical viewing angles were decent; tilting the screen didn't cause much of a glare. However, horizontal angles were poor; watching the movie with another person was a struggle, so you may want to think twice about loading up the Wind NB with some flicks and handing it to the kids for road trips. On the plus side, we didn't notice any motion blur, which is typical of other systems this size. -Support S2K disconnect function in S1 state -Fixed Nvidia Geforce4 Msi 746F Ultra VGA card can't wake up from S3. Version. Release Date. SiS® FX Motherboard F Ultra Youtube: MSI® HOW-TO use M-FLASH for BIOS We suggest using Chrome, Firefox or IE above browsers to.

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