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Relative Accuracy INL: Optical isolation: Input ranges: Sampling frequency: Common ADDI-DATA MSX-E1701 rejection: Input impedance PGA: Bandwidth -3dB: Offset error: Gain error: Temperature drift: DC up to 60 Hz diff. See ADDI-DATA MSX-E1701 System features Interface: Degree of protection: Current consumption at 24 V: Operating temperature: Connectors for sensors For analog inputs Ethernet acc.

MSX-E1700, Ethernet Multifunction Counter Module

Connection cables Voltage supply CMX-2x: Current input 0 4 mA for 1 input, diff. Thus ADDI-DATA MSX-E1701 special lines or communication buses are needed.

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Additional modules can ADDI-DATA MSX-E1701 added to the network very easily. There are both hardware solutions ADDI-DATA MSX-E1701 processor CP and software solutions for this, whereas a hardware solution may be more suitable, depending on the application.

Connection to a PLC 2. You can use the Autostart function to load the measuring settings when the module is booted and to execute them automatically. As such, no additional programming is required on the PLC. The measuring should only be started once the test item is in the correct position, that is, the PLC signals the start of the measuring to the MSX-E module using a digital 24 ADDI-DATA MSX-E1701 output hardware ADDI-DATA MSX-E1701.

Instruction Manual. Ethernet I/O modules Part 1: MSX-Exxxx and SPS: Principles - PDF

If the measuring has been previously parameterised and ADDI-DATA MSX-E1701 on the module, the module boots up after it is powered on and waits for the hardware trigger. If it identifies the hardware trigger, the measuring starts and the module acquires the measurement ADDI-DATA MSX-E1701 for 0.

It subsequently waits for the next trigger. Afterwards they can be further processed as required. Due to their own intelligence ARM9the modules can carry out calculations, e. Here, the measuring or data acquisition is not parameterised ADDI-DATA MSX-E1701 the modules and loaded when they are powered up; instead, they are called to the PLC through MODBUS functions.

Principles 3 Appendix 3. Principles 3.

RoHS-compliant products - ADDI-DATA

IP address This is a unique string of numbers separated by full stops that identifies each computer attached to the Internet. Usually it also has a version containing words separated by full stops. Trigger A trigger is a pulse or signal for starting or stopping a special task. Triggers are often ADDI-DATA MSX-E1701 for controlling data acquisition.

Counter A counter is a circuit that counts pulses or measures pulse duration. PLCs are used in many different industries and machines such as packaging and semiconductor machines. Unlike generalpurpose computers, the PLC is designed for multiple inputs and output arrangements, extended temperature ranges, immunity to electrical noise, and resistance to vibration ADDI-DATA MSX-E1701 impact. A PLC is ADDI-DATA MSX-E1701 example of a real-time system.


Socket A socket is a bidirectional software interface to interprocess IPC or network communication. The Ethernet incremental counter system MSX-E has 4 incremental counter inputs or 8 PWM outputs with status LEDs and 16 digital I/O, ADDI-DATA MSX-E1701 V. Through synchro connection, several MSX-E systems can be cascaed and synchronised with one another in the µs range.

The ConfigTools program. Social Share.


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