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It provides protection in the event of a single disk failure.

The storage capacity is equal to the capacity of the smallest single disk, as the second disk drive is used to back up the first disk drive. The RAID 1 configuration is suitable for storing sensitive data on a corporate or personal level. RAID 5 The RAID 5 configuration is ideal for organizations running databases and other transaction-based applications that require storage efficiency and data protection.

QNAP Releases New QTS for Turbo NAS with Official GNU Bash Patch Update - QNAP

A minimum of 3 hard disks are required to create a RAID 5 group. The total capacity of the RAID 5 group is equal to the size of the disk with the smallest capacity in the array times the QNAP TS-1269U Turbo NAS QTS of hard disk — 1. It is recommended though not required that only hard drives of the same brand and capacity are used to establish the most efficient hard drive capacity.

In addition, if your system contains four disk drives, it is possible to use three drives to implement a RAID 5 data array with the fourth drive QNAP TS-1269U Turbo NAS QTS as a spare disk. In this configuration, the system will automatically use the spare disk to rebuild the array in the event of a physical disk failure. A RAID 5 configuration can survive one disk failure without losing any system functionality.

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Qsync A private cloud without constraints In contrast to the limited storage space and security concerns of public cloud services, the TSU-RP is advantageous for establishing a secure and large-capacity private cloud. You can easily get access to the TSU-RP, instantly share multimedia contents and check the system status via the Internet whether you are on QNAP TS-1269U Turbo NAS QTS bus or in a coffee shop. High security In an open network environment, business data may be exposed in a potential hack. IT administrators can also control the access rights of each user to QNAP TS-1269U Turbo NAS QTS folders, preventing unauthorized access to important files.

Please save the encryption key file in a secure place!

Save the encryption key on the NAS to automatically unlock and mount the encrypted disk volume after the NAS restarts. Locking and unlocking disk volumes manually To lock a volume, login the NAS as an administrator. Choose either to enter the encryption password, or use the encryption key file exported previously.

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If the encryption password or the key file is correct, the volume will be unlocked and become available. Verifying encrypted disk volumes To verify that a disk volume is encrypted, login the NAS as an administrator.

The encrypted disk volume will be shown on this page, with a lock icon under "Status". The lock will be shown as opened if the encrypted volume is unlocked.

TSU-RP - Features - QNAP

A disk volume without the lock icon under "Status" is not encrypted. Behaviors of encrypted volumes upon system reboot An example is provided to illustrate the behavior of encrypted volumes upon system reboot. In this example, there are two encrypted disk volumes on the NAS: For details on enabling or QNAP TS-1269U Turbo NAS QTS the "Save Encryption Key" option, please refer to the section on Encryption Key Management above. After restarting the NAS, check the volume status.

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And with an active QTS 4. Virtualization tasks are also enhanced with the new Virtualization Station, allowing for a Turbo NAS to be a virtualization server hosting multiple VMs and applications.

TSU-RP. Manage and share files in one centralized storage.


Back up business data with encrypted remote replication, Real-time Remote Replication (RTRR), and cloud-based storage backup. Utilize NAS, iSCSI/ IP-SAN storage combo solution for server virtualization. Facilitate iSCSI and virtualization deployment. "Our previous release of QTS for home-class Turbo NAS models has and REXPU-RP are available for TS-x79 series and TS-x70U.

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