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The modem negotiates in real-time, for a desired line transmission rate to accommodate line condition and service-cost requirement. The line code and rate negotiation process may be implemented at the beginning of each communication session through the exchange of tones between the modems. A four-step Gateway S-7500 Conexant Modem modem initialization process is provided for line code and rate compatibility.

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Description This application is a continuation-in-part of pending patent application Ser. However, the transmission throughput of a voice-band modem is limited to below about 40 Kbps due to the 3. On the other hand the twisted-pair telephone subscriber loop of a Gateway S-7500 Conexant Modem user has a much wider usable bandwidth. Depending on the length of the subscriber loop, the bandwidth at a loss of 50 dB can be as wide as 1 MHz. As consumer demand Gateway S-7500 Conexant Modem interactive electronic access to entertainment e.

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In response, various delivery approaches have been proposed, such as optical fiber links to every home, direct satellite transmission, and wideband coaxial cable. However, these approaches are often too costly, and cheaper alternatives have emerged, such as the cable modem which uses existing coaxial cable connections to homes and various high bit rate digital subscriber line DSL modems which use the existing twisted-pair of copper wires connecting a home to the telephone company central office CO. Several digital subscriber lines DSL technologies have been developed for different applications. An example of prior art use of DSL techniques is the Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line ADSL signaling for the telephone loop that has been defined Gateway S-7500 Conexant Modem standards bodies as a communication system specification that provides a low-rate data stream Gateway S-7500 Conexant Modem the residence to the CO upstreamand a high-rate data stream from the CO to the residence downstream.

The ADSL standard provides for operation without affecting conventional voice telephone communications, eg.

The ADSL upstream channel only provides simple control functions or low-rate data transfers. The high-rate downstream channel provides a much higher throughput. This asymmetrical information flow is desirable for applications such as video-on-demand VOD.

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ADSL modems are typically installed in pairs, with one of the modems installed in a home and the other in the telephone company's central office servicing that home. The pair of ADSL modems are connected to the opposite ends of the same twisted-pair and each modem can only communicate with the modem at the other end of the Gateway S-7500 Conexant Modem the central office will have a direct connection from its ADSL modem to the service provided e. Because an ADSL modem operates at frequencies higher than the voice-band frequencies, an ADSL modem may operate simultaneously with a voice-band modem or a telephone conversation.

A typical ADSL-based system includes a server located at the CO capable of providing movies or other data-intensive content, and a set-top-box at the residence that can receive and reassemble the data as well as send control information back to the CO. Meaningful display or use of the downstream content typically requires a sustained data rate through the modem. Due to the sustained data rate requirements, ADSL systems are primarily designed to function under certain operating conditions and only at certain rates.

If a subscriber line meets the quality requirements, the ADSL modem can function, otherwise new line equipment must be installed, or line quality must be improved. In particular, the ANSI standard ADSL calls for transmission of up to 6 million bits-per-second Gateway S-7500 Conexant Modem to a home downstream over existing twisted-pair and also for receipt of up to thousand bits per second Kbps from the home upstream.

An ADSL modem differs in several respects from the voice-band modems currently being used for digital communication over the telephone system. A voice-band modem in a home essentially converts digital bits to modulated tones in the voice-band 30 Hz Gateway S-7500 Conexant Modem 3. The voice-band modem in the receiving home then recovers the digital bits from the received signal. The current ITU V-series voice-band modem standards e. In contrast, an ADSL modem operates in a frequency range that is higher than the voice-band; this permits higher data rates. However, the twisted-pair subscriber line has distortion and losses which increase with frequency and line length; thus the ADSL standard data rate is determined by a maximum achievable rate for a length of subscriber lines, e.

Voice-band modem data speeds are limited by at least the following factors: Although an ADSL modem avoids the first two factors, it also suffers from subscriber line length limitations and electrical impairments. Chipset-Southbridge. SB Processor side bus speed.


GT/s. BIOS. □. Phoenix Conexant SmartAMCi Audio Modem Codec (AMC) CX □. Arris Touchstone TGG Wireless Telephony Cable Modem Gateway TG .

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