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It's almost like a massage on my fingers. I don't think that the texture will become annoying over time, but it does contrast nicely with the faux metal finish. It does sport a single mouse button which we don't like too much, since there is a dead space in the middle that is unusable. However, the button itself is a little stiff and not responsive. The trackpad Gigabyte P2532N Notebook THX TruStudioPRO also multi-touch, but it Gigabyte P2532N Notebook THX TruStudioPRO use a little work. The thing about GIGABYTE is they are known for issuing touchpad and touch screen displays after release, so I have faith that they'll issue an update to make it more responsive.

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We love the x screen resolution; its colors are reasonable and we love the viewing angles which sit around 70 degrees and the horizontal viewing angle as well is very wide. Looking at flesh tones, they remained true and when checking out some of the darker scenes the video showed enough detail to keep us happy. For a multimedia focused notebook, this HD display has done all the right things to impress. Design Black with silver trim, the Gigabyte PN has an understated, classic look that would seem right at home in Gigabyte P2532N Notebook THX TruStudioPRO corporate setting. Its black chrome lid has a plain matte finish that ostensibly repels finger marks, although it does retain minor discolorations from dirty fingers.

GIGABYTE P2532 15.6-inch Multimedia Notebook Review

Conversely, the edges of the laptop's lid and deck are trimmed in a shiny, silver aluminum that's a perpetual print magnet. It didn't bother us too much since the lining was only 0.

The lid is embellished with a slightly raised Gigabyte logo scribed in the same silver. Pop the lid of the PN and you'll see that the interior continues the laptop's black theme with a brushed metal treatment. Gigabyte also included a Battery Status Check panel below the keyboard on the left side of the deck - an indicator with several lights - which you can use even while the computer is powered off to see exactly how much juice your notebook has left. The laptop was manageable when we moved from room to room, though we did start to notice the heft. When we exerted more pressure than usual with our resting palm, the material bent and the disc inside made a loud whirring noise against the notebook's deck. We tried another disc and were unable to reproduce the effect, but there was still observable flex on the deck. Gigabyte says that this arrangement not only Gigabyte P2532N Notebook THX TruStudioPRO the system cooler, but also extends the life of its components.

We found them to be fairly effective, as the PN ran warm but never crossed into unacceptable territory. After we streamed a Hulu video at full screen for 15 minutes, the bottom of the laptop registered 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The touchpad and the space between the G and H keys were cooler and 91 degrees, respectively.


We noticed that the notebook Gigabyte P2532N Notebook THX TruStudioPRO hummed softly when we used it for some multimedia tasks, such as streaming a video online. Keyboard and Touchpad We appreciated how Gigabyte gave the recessed, island-style keyboard generous spacing between the flat-topped keys. A complete number pad is to the right side of the keyboard, but it's strategically cropped so that it fits in like a puzzle piece with the rest of the keys. A neatly arranged and evenly spaced rectangular layout. The case has been cleanly manufactured with exception of the moderately fixed base plate.

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Meanwhile, there is more to complain about in view of stability. If you dare, you can depress the area above the optical drive extremely. The lid can also be twisted evidently with both hands. The hinges don't deliver a very good show in the test.


For one thing, the base unit lifts excessively while opening. For another, surface vibrations make the screen wobble. Gigabyte P2532N Notebook THX TruStudioPRO weight and size are within the usual range for a 15 inch laptop. In return, two USB 3. We deem the interface distribution as quite successful. Since most ports are located fairly far back, there is enough room to maneuver when using a mouse. However, the manufacturer should reconsider the build of the sides. The ports are located so far on the inside that you have to wrench your head or body extremely to see the single interfaces.

Wireless Communication There is no reason for reproaching Gigabyte in terms of wireless communication. Microphone, headphone, 2 USB 3.

You can switch between the 32 and 64 bit version of Windows 7 via Smart Switch requires restartwhich can be especially useful for older hardware and software. Scope of Delivery The scope of delivery won't likely be met with wild enthusiasm.

Gigabyte deems a manual, a warranty card, a utility DVD and a cleaning cloth as sufficient. The Latest Intel® Processor for Smart Enhanced Performance. An unusual high resolution of Full HD on a inch display, P delivers exquisite and rich-colored image in such a detail that turns your laptop into a home theater.


Featuring high end NVIDIA® GeForce® GT M. : Gigabyte PN-CF1 Inch Laptop (Black): Full HD Display/Amazing Visual Enjoyment/THX TruStudio Pro provides the.

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