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We were also hugely impressed by the sharpness of the HD's high-definition pictures. The amount of HD detail the projector reproduces is frequently stunning, and it's brought to the screen JVC DLA-HD350BU Projector being accompanied by grain or other noise. More good news concerns the HD's colours, which look notably richer and more dynamic than those of the HD1.

There is also a lack of a colour management system CMS on the HD and again this is an JVC DLA-HD350BU Projector in our opinion. However other set up options are well implemented and easy to get through quickly. The main picture selection menu allows control over 5 picture set up selections ranging from, Cinema 1, Cinema 2, Natural, Stage and Dynamic ouchplus three user selections.

This is followed by the main controls for brightness, contrast, colour and tint. The next main selection is the colour temperature which allows selection of k, k, k, k, and High Bright plus three custom selections.


For example if you select k which should be to standardthe gain controls for the high end are unavailable. So after measurement you have no way to fix the JVC DLA-HD350BU Projector in the high end.

So that leaves you with selecting custom and that introduces another very frustrating implementation of the greyscale controls. Whereas the Sony HW10 offers this at temperature points like JVC DLA-HD350BU Projector, k and k, the JVC is set to k for all three custom presets.


Not the end of the world but then you have the gain controls again which this time are accessible, but set JVC DLA-HD350BU Projector maximum zero point. So when you measure the greyscale you will find that red is about 20 percent down in the mix and obviously temperature is k. To fix this issue you are forced to work backwards and reduce the points until you can successfully hit the correct mix and temperature for D This was a very JVC DLA-HD350BU Projector way around the problem and a better designed and more common implementation would be better in my opinion.

JVC DLA-HD350 review

Greyscale calibration ended up taking about 2 hours bouncing back and JVC DLA-HD350BU Projector between high and low points because of the frustrating layout. The next menu selection is the gamma control which has a number of selections at set levels, or you can go for a custom input.

The preset is for 2. JVC DLA-HD350BU Projector is one area where JVC engineers have managed to make the implementation easy to use. The final new feature on the HD picture set up menus is the aperture control points, where three selections are available. We saw something similar on the Sony HW10 recently, but it had full control over the range.


Here JVC DLA-HD350BU Projector HD allows full, mid and low 3,2,1 to be set and in a light controlled room it allows excellent options to get the screen brightness as close to JVC DLA-HD350BU Projector given only three options. I found that low was acceptable after calibration for our reference room and measured a real world contrast of In mid I managed a reading of Other menu options that will appeal are a new anamorphic stretch selection for use with a suitable lens and screen, and of course the new HQV picture processing.

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There are not that many manual controls over what the HQV chip does, but in all honestly there is no real need for many. Out of the box and calibration For me the most important point of any display review is to actually measure its performance out of the box. There is no other way to see exactly what a display is doing or how it has been designed to display its images. See all our projector Best Buys Performance is exemplary, the JVC exhibiting JVC DLA-HD350BU Projector punch, luxuriousness, smooth motion tracking and natural colour balance JVC DLA-HD350BU Projector we've come to expect.

Levels of contrast and black detail are both exemplary.

JVC DLA-HD review What Hi-Fi?

JVC DLA-HD350BU Projector When Nic Cage comes face to face with Earth's visitors in Knowing the 'HD isn't perplexed by the dark surroundings and uncovers a superb level of detail in the shadows. The JVC comes preset with patterns for adjusting the lens, but you can turn them off and perform the adjustments with your own program source.


The zoom lens has a throw-distance range of approximately 9. JVC DLA-HD projector specs, projector reviews and current street prices. JVC DLA-HD350BU Projector blows John away again with its latest home cinema masterpiece.

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