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Sager NP / Clevo PZM-G m G-sync Review by HTWingNut NotebookReview

The cool down time from 80C to Sager NP9775 Synaptics Touchpad was about three minutes with the pads installed, and about seven or eight without them. In any case, the drive temps approached 80C during all three tests but none of them reached it, highest was 77C, and normal drive performance was maintained. Considering this is a G-Sync laptop, a quality monitor is a necessity and as far as No 4k LCD's exist that I am aware of for But personally I would rather have a p LCD with G-sync to offer the high frame rates that it deserves. Details can be found at Panelook if you desire: Viewing angles are excellent, as are brightness, contrast, and overall color reproduction.

I'm not sure of the exact refresh rate, but there has been zero issues with ghosting or lag. It is plenty fast for this LCD at Sager NP9775 Synaptics Touchpad, which technically would require about ms refresh to avoid any ghosting issues. It is also possible to overclock the LCD some more, some users have clocked this same panel up to Hz, although each LCD is different, but honestly 75Hz seems to be plenty adequate for gaming at p with the m and using G-sync.

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If you enabled G-sync in Windowed mode, you could run at Hz. Unfortunately these photos don't do the LCD justice. I do not see what looks Sager NP9775 Synaptics Touchpad the blue washout at angles, just shows up in the photo for some reason. Intel ik One desire of most any laptop, PC, or PC gaming enthusiast is the ability to have removable components.

Aside from being socketed, the ik offers tuning abilities through Intel Extreme Tuning Utility aka XTU for overclocking, underclocking, and voltage adjustments for improved performance or cooling, whatever the user desires. The cooling system is sufficient, and with some tuning, primarily voltage drop and slight underclock, can Sager NP9775 Synaptics Touchpad 80C peak temps at 4. But more on the cooling system later.

Sager NP9775 Synaptics Touchpad The answer is simple, flexibility. Granted this is usually used to overclock in a desktop scenario, but it can also be used to underclock and undervolt for better thermal control. The ik can go down to 4GHz minimum with four cores, but this seems to offer a significant drop in temps while not affecting overall performance noticeably.

Sager NP9773 / Clevo P770ZM-G 980m G-sync Review by HTWingNut

Users might also want to consider the ik which has a base clock speed of 3. Temperatures are evaluated in the cooling section of this review.


Cinebench R15 x v5. Considering the requirements of G-sync, no Optimus is used or supported on the NP, but for users that want this laptop, that is a good thing. Battery life will be short, but likely not a consideration for most wanting a laptop Sager NP9775 Synaptics Touchpad this.

On the down side, the m tends to throttle Clock speeds and voltage tend to fluctuate with regular gaming. However, clock speed rarely goes down or below stock speed, and remains in the zone somewhere between stock and full boost speed. Note that Prema is working on a vBIOS that eliminates that Sager NP9775 Synaptics Touchpad and offers a consistent clock speed and voltage.

Sager NP9775 Synaptics Touchpad went to bat for me though and discussed the throttling issue with Sager, but Sager did not have an answer for it at the time of this writing. Thankfully Prema will likely come to our rescue with an improved vBIOS to eliminate these bottlenecks.

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G-SYNC I think we've seen performance of the m enough from various reviews, so I decided to focus on the G-Sync aspect, although a multitude of synthetic and gaming benchmarks were still performed and results will be shown for those. If this is the first time you've heard of G-sync, let me just say it's basically a dynamic Vsync, so your LCD and GPU frames are rendered and displayed in sync all the time resulting Sager NP9775 Synaptics Touchpad a very smooth video display experience that is completely tear and stutter free up to the maximum refresh rate of the LCD.


Additionally, this benefits the user by eliminating input lag associated with typical vsync. G-sync can be easily enabled or disabled across the board, however, through the Nvidia control panel with a simple click of a check box and Sager NP9775 Synaptics Touchpad Apply. It can also be engaged by specific game like most other options through the Nvidia control panel.


Sager NP9775 Synaptics Touchpad G-Sync will not work with any LCD either. Since I am not a degreed computer scientist nor have the equipment to perform such precise measurements and video capture, I will link you to an excellent article at Blur Busters.

Free Download Sager NP Synaptics Touchpad Driver for Windows 7 bit (Keyboard & Mouse). Sager Notebooks is a premium gaming laptop brand for gaming enthusiast looking for custom gaming laptops and notebooks. Browse through our selection of.

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