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UEC specializes in the manufacture and provision of hybrid power systems, smart power and aircraft systems support. It serves the U.

Socket 5 / 7 / Super-7 Motherboards

Ehrlich, UEC is highly complementary, which means that it will be easy to integrate into their battery and power unit. The combination is expected to open many and more markets for the division. Moreover, UEC brings engineering and manufacturing expertise which will be very helpful in creating top military and commercial grade power systems and battery technology.


ARTX will not only result in better engineering and manufacturing technology, but also efficient use of resources through sharing. Moreover, the combination is expected to boost sales and marketing efforts, thus leading to higher revenue and profits.

OpenGL support was also really dreadful, oGL was ArtX on board SIS a problem in those days, but this was especially heartbreaking, because you'd have somewhat demanding D3D games running alright and then you'd pop in Quake 2 and it would run at fps no matter what you did. I'm talking excess of 60fps on Quake 2 on an iGPU from ! SiS also made a HW TNL capable card based on the same arch as far as I can tell, the SiSwhich would have actually been fairly decent and competitive, but drivers ArtX on board SIS pretty bad once again.

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Long story short, drivers were bad. I'm willing to bet the only one that knew ArtX on board SIS they were doing was Nvidia with their early nForce and nForce2 models that featured iGPUs, but I've never tried that to be honest. Examples of this included the ability to turn a card into a using its reference board with the full complement of memory tracesor a Pro to its XT counterpart. For the latter, a driver patch was made available to check if it would accept the mod, which consisted of soldering in a resistor or using a pencil to tweak the GPU and memory voltage control chip.

In addition to discrete graphics, ATI also introduced desktop integrated graphics and chipsets. This translated into a heavy reliance upon drivers and game developers to get the most out of software emulation, thus keeping SiS in the margins of desktop discrete 3D graphics. All ArtX on board SIS did little to endear reviewers to the cards.


The Xabre line was the last under the SiS banner, as the ArtX on board SIS spun off its graphics division renamed XGI and merged with Trident Graphics a couple of months later in June. The 3dfx design team which had moved to Nvidia got both their revenge and lived up to their potential, by delivering the underperforming NV30 graphics chip behind schedule.

History of the Modern Graphics Processor, Part 3 - TechSpot

Some circles also argued that the company was strapped for engineering resources, with more than a few tied up with the NV2A Xbox console chip, the SoundStorm APUas well as the motherboard chipsets. However the achieved ArtX on board SIS the could not.

A good chunk of this came from higher selling prices for the dominant and cards. Source DirectX 9. For the most part, all of the models underdelivered, with the exception ArtX on board SIS the entry-level V3 which offered performance equal to the GeForce FX Ultra and and Radeon Another company making a comeback into desktop graphics was S3.

The Mother Board

The company was reabsorbed back into SiS in October The new cards featured most of the new must-haves of ; DirectX 9 ArtX on board SIS, 16x AF, HD p support, and portrait-mode display support. While S3 was looking to keep competitive, ATI and Nvidia were driving each other to achieve ever-increasing levels of performance and image quality.

The DeltaChrome was succeeded by the GammaChrome in Nvidia and ATI continued in their staggered launches. ArtX on board SIS Free Driver Download for Windows NT4, ME, 98SE, 98 - .

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