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Do not use oil, solvents, gasoline, paint thinners, or insecticides on the unit or near the ADIC Scalar 100 Library. Vapors from these types of chemicals can damage the tape media components. Hold the AC power plug by the head when removing it from the AC source outlet; pulling the cord can damage the internal wires. Follow the guidelines established in Finding a Location on page when positioning the library. Scalar is a trademark of ADIC.

In addition to the ADIC Scalar 100 Library instructions contained in the Safety and Information Guide, local and professional safety regulations apply. This unit is engineered and manufactured to assure your personal safety. Improper use ADIC Scalar 100 Library result in potential electrical shock or fire hazards. This manual provides sufficient training information to operate your library. We recommend that you read this manual thoroughly before using your library. Only qualified personnel should perform the following procedures on the equipment: Operation of the library by untrained personnel can lead to equipment malfunction and can void the warranty. Indicates important information that helps make better use of the system No hazardous or damaging consequences Description Scalar Description The Scalar automates the retrieval, storage, and control of tape cartridges.


It is designed for use in a standard office environment, with a fully finished appearance, or as a rackmounted unit. The library supports many different drive types and, depending on the type of drive, can contain up to eight drives.

Adic Scalar Tape Library Drives & Parts

There is a mailbox on the front door for inserting and removing tapes. In addition, the Operator Panel on the front of the library allows you to fully control and configure your library. For specific information about your library, including data capacity and tape cartridge capacity, see Specifications on page Figure Scalar Library Configurations Your library supports the following tape drives: For specific information about your library, see Specifications on page Front Panel Components The following graphic ADIC Scalar 100 Library the front panel components.

The following text describes the components in detail. The tape library does not support mixing different drive types in the same library.

This includes different models of the same drive types. Turning off the front power switch removes power from the internal electronics and removes power from the drives, but the library still contains standby power. The standby power can only be turned off by the rear power ADIC Scalar 100 Library. See Rear Power Switch on page Door Lock The Scalar door lock protects your data from the risk of tampering and prevents unauthorized personnel from entering the mechanical area of the Scalar where serious injury could occur.

When locked, the library door can only be opened from the outside with a key. Authorized personnel are responsible for the security of the key.


When shipped, the front door is locked. The key is attached to the back panel of the library. Mailbox The Mailbox allows you to import and export tape cartridges without interrupting the normal operation of the library; however, it can also be configured as additional storage slots.


There are two models of the Mailbox: The standard Mailbox has a capacity of one or two tape cartridges. The optional bulk load Mailbox enables you to load ADIC Scalar 100 Library tape cartridges at one time. AIT bulk load Mailboxes holds 16 tape cartridges in two magazines. LTO bulk load Mailboxes holds 12 tape cartridges in two magazines. Where appropriate, following the graphic, the components are described in detail.

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Figure Back Panel Components Library Controller The Library Controller controls all operations in the library, including the interaction between the library and operators. The library firmware on the Library ADIC Scalar 100 Library creates and maintains the library configuration, the physical location of the robotic system, and the inventory of cartridges. The resulting database is maintained in Library Controller memory. Description Scalar Rear Power Switch Turning off the rear power switch removes all power from the library.

Quantum Scalar Tape Library

Turn off the rear power switch whenever you are servicing your library. In the event of danger to personnel or property, immediately turn off the rear power switch. However, except in emergencies, use the normal shutdown procedure before switching off the rear power switch. ADIC is not ADIC Scalar 100 Library for damage caused by improper use of the rear power switch. This risk lies entirely with the user. The RMU resides in each system and is pre-installed at the factory. The RMU performs the following functions:Cartridge ADIC Scalar 100 Library 10 seconds. Inventory Time: Less than 60 seconds. Library Management Interface Operator Panel: Password-protected, context-sensitive  Library Interface‎: ‎Switch selectable for HVD, L.

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Library Interface: Native FC interface. Inventory Speed: slots in 20 seconds. Configuration: Auto-discovery and.

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