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Step 3. The guide will be updated to reflect this change.

AG neovo M-15VTable of Contents
Mellanox MCB193A-FBAT Network CardWhen should you update the BIOS?
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As usual, writing it was trigerred by many, Asus A52JC Notebook Aflash2 people asking the same questions about this procedure over and over again, on this forum. I used to have a text file with the instructions and copy-paste an answer each time, but that takes up unnecessary space on the server So I decided to centralize the information in one place, namely here, and then link to this page every time somebody asks how to update their BIOS.


When should you update the BIOS? The BIOS should be updated only if the update is needed. For every BIOS update that you are considering, you should first check the list of changes and bugfixes on support.

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If some of those changes solve issues that you have been having e. If none of the changes are relevant e. So, the rule of thumb is: A word of caution A failed or interrupted BIOS update process Asus A52JC Notebook Aflash2 always means death for the computer. For this reason, never ever interrupt a BIOS update that is already in process.

  • BIOS update guide for ASUS notebooks - READ THIS BEFORE YOU BRICK YOUR MACHINE! NotebookReview
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  • BIOS update guide for ASUS notebooks - READ THIS BEFORE YOU BRICK YOUR MACHINE!
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For the same reason, have a good amount of charge in your battery when starting the BIOS update utility more than 10 minutes worth of it. In Asus A52JC Notebook Aflash2 way, you will not depend on the AC supply which might run out just in the critical few seconds. BIOS files are specific to a given type of notebook. Even if the machines are superficially identical like the ASUS V1Jp and ASUS V1J, for instancewith the same basic components, details in the motherboard and various low-level controllers that you might not even know exist might be different, leading to different necessary BIOS code.

Never use 3rd party BIOS releases unless you're very technologically savvy about these things, you know and I don't mean "believe you know" exactly what you're doing, and you absolutely trust the source of the BIOS. The WinFlash utility Asus A52JC Notebook Aflash2 Windows. Some of the steps are common between the three procedures, so I list them only once. The order in which I list the procedures is not arbitrary.

If you have EasyFlash in your BIOS some do not include ityou are strongly advised to use it, because it's the safest from the three. Asus A52JC Notebook Aflash2 is because EasyFlash does not require any operating system be it DOS or Windowsnor any additional software where bugs might creep in and ruin the process. I also cover downgrading the BIOS to an earlier version. This might be necessary sometimes. Worse, new bugs might appear, although that rarely happens. Preparing the update It is not necessary to "uninstall" anything from the computer, since the BIOS is just a chunk of flash memory KB in size on a special chip on the motherboard.

This memory will be erased and rewritten in Asus A52JC Notebook Aflash2 update process; the process, once started, takes on the order of 10 to 30 seconds including erasing the old BIOS, writing the new BIOS, and verifying it.

You only need to download the BIOS file, i. This can be done from the ASUS support page.

ASUS A52JC Notebook Windows 7 32bit Drivers, Applications, Updates

Navigate to support. Click your model number from the search results, and then click on the BIOS tab. Download the version you need. Unzip it to obtain the BIOS binary, which is directly usable by the flash utility.

Скачать драйвер для Биос

Place the unarchived BIOS file somewhere on the harddrive, e. The following sections describe in detail how to update the BIOS, using three different routes. This should be obvious but I'll say it anyway: It is Asus A52JC Notebook Aflash2 safest because it does not require any operating system be it DOS or Windowsnor any additional software where bugs might creep in and ruin the Asus A52JC Notebook Aflash2. EasyFlash should start.


Here are the steps to update with EasyFlash: Confirm starting it by pressing Y if requested to do so. The utility will display in the top-left corner of the screen the model, version, and date of the current BIOS installed Asus A52JC Notebook Aflash2 the computer. Select the drive where you saved the BIOS from the list of drives to the left of the screen, e.

Драйвера ASUS A52JC

Then, navigate to the folder with the BIOS file, e. Download Asus A52JC Notebook Windows 7 32bit Drivers, Utilities, User Manuals and Update. Все драйвера для ASUS A52JC на ОС: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7. Скачать Aflash2 Utility V, Vista 32bit, - 19,69 KBytes, скачать.



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